• World Blockchain Summit | 19-20 July 2018, Singapore

    DO YOU HAVE A MILLION DOLLAR BLOCKCHAIN IDEA? Something that can cause not just a ripple but a tidal wave in the blockchain industry? We are inviting startups with bright and innovative ideas in blockchain technologies to compete in pitch competition to win the regional cup at World Blockchain Summit. One winning startup will in-turn compete […]
  • The largest conference #CryptoEvent Indo in Jakarta

    The conference #CryptoEvent Indo will be held in Jakarta Indonesia on May 11-12 2018. Venue: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Jakarta is one of the top 10 crypto-capitals of the world in 2017, according to IDACB (International Decentralised Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain). This means that the city has created conditions for trading, crypto-exchanges, mining and […]

    In 2007, a report was filed stating that 881 million USD was channelled illegally through HSBC’s accounts to untraceable offshore holdings. A detailed audit further revealed that close to 7 billion USD was moved out of the country by the multinational banking conglomerate. The money was connected to unaccounted drug cartels and their overseas accounts, […]