WIZBL, Fastest and Most Scalable Blockchain is here

Do you own Bitcoins? If you do, this means you have faced the trouble of being in the waiting list for sending them, although you have paid money to do so. It is a hassle to have to wait only for confirmation status of transactions- this is what we call a scalability problem. Although blockchain was introduced to increase the transaction of cryptocurrency, with the huge volume of transactions small number of transactions per second wastes a lot of time and makes things slower. Can you believe some ethereum accommodate only 20 transactions per second on the other hand Visa process 24,000 transactions per second?

It’s time for WIZBL
If you are tired of these scalability problems and looking for more solutions, then it’s time to shift to WIZBL blockchain platform. The company has built a platform which can process 1,000,000 transactions in no time. WIZBL can process 1,000,000 transactions in one second.

WIZBL is 5th generation blockchain technology by Moon youngchul and his development team. This 5th generation blockchain technology, is the specially designed protocols that help to make real-time transactions. It’s P2P verification function is the best among many blockchain platforms and it keeps the risk of hacking at the lowest level.

All these characteristics make WIZBL a must-have cryptocurrency in 2018. Fast transactions, secure payments, options to buy anything any time and much more under one roof is like a plate of salad with all the nutrients for the body. Therefore, we can call WIZBL a complete set of opportunities for a person who wants to make fast and secure transactions or wants to invest his extra money in crypto.

Something more than just a Blockchain
WIZBIL is not a simple blockchain, it is one of the first 5th Generation blockchains which not only makes the transactions of cryptocurrency fast, scalable and secure, but it also helps people to perform transactions among other people with P2P protocol on the network. Now people can enjoy the luxury of buying anything within the blockchain, whether it is a tech gadget, a fashion bag pack, a fancy dress or anything people love to buy. WIZBIL makes transactions fast and secure like no one else does.

WIZBL can also work with distinct platforms and manage cryptocurrencies, Thanks to the Oldies of blockchains, they helped them to do so. It takes the shortest time once P2P transaction is made into WIZBL coin. Every other second a new block of the verified transaction is made over WIZBL network. That’s why WIZBL does not use extra resources and we can call it a scalable network. Moreover, WIZBL structured platform is much easier than other networks and a user can learn and imply it quickly.

Fast Transactions
WIZBL offers the ultimate fast transaction speed. It offers a million transactions per second, none other blockchain offers this much speed. Which is unbelievable, now people don’t need to wait for hours just for the confirmation of their transactions.

This is three times faster than the Ripple coin, they claim to be the fastest before the arrival of WIZBL blockchain technology. In short, 1,000,000 transactions per second means the receiver will receive his money there and then. There is no doubt WIZBL is the future of blockchain technology in a nutshell which can explode anytime.

What Currencies do they accept?
WIZBL is all set for ICO token sales, they have set up all the arrangements and the event is scheduled on 15th of June, 2018. It will include a 40% bonus too. They have plans to accept all big currencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, and others.

Right time to invest and earn the profit?
Yes, it is the right time to invest in WIZBL they have a lot of tokens-30% of all the tokens which is 150,000,000. Right now, its exchange rate is very low, only 1US for 1BL. And being 5th generation blockchain with the future of blockchain technology it is right time to invest in WIZBL blockchain. With an investment of $1 for 1 BL analysts predicts huge profits soon.

P2P transactions made WIZBL a secure network
WIZBL is building upon P2P method, it means every transaction will be in the record. This will lead to a completely secure and safe transaction network, it’s verification algorithms are secure with latest technologies and are safe for use without any fraudulent and suspicious activities.

WIZBL for Large Cooperation
Yes, it is true. WIZBL works perfectly with large cooperation, WIZBL wallet can be used anywhere to buy anything from anyone. On the other hand, people can receive WIZBL coins as service providers and can be exchanged for any currency or kept in the wallet. It gives a wide range of use for WIZBL holders, they can pay, and can receive at the same time in the same wallet. This makes the WIZBL a smart currency and future of blockchain.

WIZBL is in real business, they are investing a big time for solving issues of blockchain technologies. WIZBL is all geared up, they are offering 100 real gold coins with WIZBL printed on the top. Every coin has a serial number, and anyone can buy it, meanwhile, boxing legend Manny Pacquaio has the #17 coin.

Who is the real team behind WIZBL?
Its Youngchul, Moon and his development team who are behind the 5th generation WIZBL blockchain technology. It’s a really hard work of real professionals which made this WIZBL as competitive as it is. The team WIZBL claims that WIZBL is the most scalable and fastest blockchain technology the world has ever witnessed.  The developers said “it’s not good when in the real-world people make transactions and they have to wait in ques for a confirmation status. The blockchain must work as real-time service such as Visa or paper money.” And with efforts over the years WIZBL is all set to make one million transactions per second.

The WIZBL team know the fact of diversified and verified technology for fast and simultaneous technologies. The team with diversified skills have made a perfect system for smooth workflow and user security. The team is carefully selected from multiple organizations according to their experience and skills to create 5th generation blockchain. WIZBL has a programmer that has experience of 10-16 years in the development of various technologies.

WIZBL roadmap towards success
The journey of WIZBL was started back in 2017 when a team of programmers sat together to formulate a new research on blockchain technology. It was a group of ambitious professionals who were looking to improve the transaction speed and scalability of blockchain as it was not possible to make large transactions in a short time period. It took about 2 quarters to complete the research and enter the new step which was the creation of the WIZBL wallet. In the first quarter of 2018, WIZBL team took the initiative of creating a good, easy and transparent wallet for WIZBL coin. In the same quarter, WIZBL started their campaign to inaugurate the coin in the same year by calling a WIZBL 100 conference in the Philippines. The conference took place on March 21, 2018, and WIZBL introduced their 100 real Gold coins, the logo of WIZBL and the serial number was printed on these coins.

After the first successful campaign of WIZBL coin, they organized WIZBL 200 Conference in Hong Kong on May 14, 2018, and later opened WIZBL R&D Center. Now the time is near when WIZBL will officially start their public sales on June 15, 2018.

WIZBL has planned their 3rd and 4th quarters of 2018 too. In the 3rd quarter, WIZBL has planned to list their coin on multiple exchange platforms for open selling and buying of coins. Moreover, they have also planned to launch their own WIZBL exchange platform for WIZBL wallet user. This will facilitate the user to purchase or sell the WIZBL coin at ease. The last thing WIZBL said to do in the third quarter is to build a big project which is WIZBIL crypto town project. These are some big news from WIZBL 3rd quarter, meanwhile, they also have small programs planned in this quarter which they have not yet publicly shared.
ICO Bonus and token distribution:
WBL has presented complete ICO Bonus details and token distribution in their whitepaper.  ICO has brought bonuses for everyone. The maximum bonus is 40% which will be presented to buyers who will buy the product on inauguration date till 18th of June.

  • Start date: 1:00 PM (UTC+9) on June 15, 2018
  • Payment methods: ETH
  • Soft cap: 5 MM USD
  • Hard cap: 48 MM USD
  • Token exchange rate: 1 USD = 1 WBL
  • Total token supply: 500,000,000 WBL
  • ICO Bonuses
  • 15th June 2018 13:00 ~ June 18, 2018 24:00 (UTC +9): 40% Bonus
  • 20th June 2018 13:00 ~ June 23, 2018 24:00 (UTC +9): 20% Bonus
  • 25th June 2018 13:00 ~ June30, 2018 24:00 (UTC +9): 0% Bonus
  • If the soft cap is not reached funds will be returned to the participants
  • Upon reaching the hard cap, the ICO will end immediately
  • Token Distribution
  • 30% Token Sale
  • 20% Community & Strategic Partners
  • 20% Reserve Fund 5% Early Backer
  • 13% Founders & Management Team
  • 12% Partnership & Advisory
  • Use of Proceeds
  • 20% Development 15%
  • Diversification and New Areas
  • 15% Licensure and Legal Support
  • 10% WIZBL Team
  • 40% Marketing and Expansion

The Best Growth Strategy for a blockchain network:
The WIZBL token is named WBL, the team has proposed a great growth strategy for the coin. The WBL team believe that the expansion and continuation can scale the token as the fastest growing blockchain network. They believe that the fast incorporation of blockchain technology in businesses will increase the exposure towards crypto and WBL have a huge market to penetrate. WIZBL team has developed a new standard blockchain technology that will be beneficial for the business and it will continuously evolve in the means of efficiency, algorithms, and structure.

WBL is a native cryptocurrency, in other words, it’s a utility token that will give access to the distributed apps on the platform.

WIZBL has the same basic algorithm as BTC, it will generate more coins for the coin holder as the growth of blockchain technology. Every newly generated coin will have a specific value based on the original coin. Nothing to fear, it does not mean that original coin value will decrease, it means that the original coin value will increase as the number of generated coins will increase. In other words, the net value will increase as the number of coins will increase organically.

Join the Future before it’s too late:
The blockchain is the future of currency, the technology trends are changing at a rapid pace and so does the trends of life. The world shifted from paper money to plastic money in the past and now it’s time for cryptocurrency. The boom of cryptocurrency brought many players in but not all got the attention and neither all of them survived.

Now in 2018, WIZBL has brought some new inventions in crypto with high speed and scalability for the user. It’s time for WIZBL now, with public sales starting in June 2018, WIZBL has high expectations from WBL coin. WBL has come with 1,000,000 transactions per second which are largest among all, no coin has ever brought this much transactions in one second.

The speed, scalability, price, growth plan and blockchain model are all a package under one roof. With competitive growth plan and strategies, WBL blockchain will be the future of 5th generation blockchain technology.

Details about WIZBL blockchain can all be found along with other recourses about WBL at their official website ( The team WIZBL has presented all the information for prospective customers and user so they can see and decide about their future plans and learn what WIZBL is going to bring for them.

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