STATE OF AFFAIRS One Bitcoin transaction consumes as much energy as 7.55 homes in the United States for 1 day, compared to one Ethereum transaction that consumes as much energy as 1.34 homes in the United States for 1 day as of this article.

In 2015, Bitcoin consumed as much energy as Ethereum does today, however, given the rising price and demand for cryptocurrencies the energy consumption for Bitcoin has skyrocketed. Ethereum is on the same track as Bitcoin, given the flexible ERC20 contract that most ICO’s use to launch their respective product. The Ethereum platform is already trying to reduce its energy consumption by implementing a proof-of-stake algorithm instead of its less efficient proof-of-work predecessor. This however won’t be enough and we must start thinking about scalable, environmentally responsible solutions to minimize our global impact.

INTRODUCTION 4NEW Limited is the world’s first blockchain integrated, Waste to Energy public utility treatment plant. 4NEW will take over the waste disposal process, where instead of putting waste in the ground the waste is used to generate energy. This will revolutionize Waste and Energy industries and will have a direct impact on the environment. By offering token-as-a-service you can trace your waste and see how much energy is created in return. Tokens can be utilized to buy back this energy and create a full waste to energy ecosystem.

SOLUTION 4NEW’s platform solves two of the biggest social issues of our time. 4NEW collects the waste from households, processing it through its waste conversion treatment plant, turning it into electricity. Electricity is then sold back to the households, where the waste was collected from. Alternatively, electricity can also be sold to the national grid or aggregators that would be regarded as industry peers, or data servers to support future blockchain platforms.

SCALABILITY With a global plan to scale this localized solution addressing the waste surplus and the energy shortfall crisis, 4NEW will not only revolutionize the blockchain network but also standardize digital assets as a means to transact business within a conventional setting.

With three sites already identified to run the first pilot in the United Kingdom, 4NEW will be completely installed and operational by December 31, 2018. Given the short gestation period, 4NEW will quickly position itself in a crowded ICO world as one of the most stable and liquid digital assets available to the community. After the successful pilot this project will be expanded globally to countries like [india/ korea/china/…]. Due to their large population size we foresee that these countries will produce massive amounts of waste and have a high energy demand.

Coin Price Stability and Liquidity The constant growing demand for 4NEW services within its ecosystem will directly correlate to liquidity for the 4NEW Coin. Additionally, with the ability to determine future sales and revenues, 4NEW is equipped to have a clear and transparent outlook for supply and demand for its coins at any given time. This supply/demand predictability facilitates price stability for the 4NEW Coin.

OFFERING SCHEDULE 4NEW Limited is scheduled to launch its Pre-sale round starting October 17th, 2017 through till October 30, 2017. Additionally, the Live Launch will occur November 1st, 2017 through December 15th, 2017, with a subsequent listing on exchanges by December 18th, 2017.

Our modern day technological revolution has been fueled by our ability to extract energy from our surroundings. Mankind has historically used and abused fossil fuels to sustain the Industrial Revolution over the past 200 years. However, as we have finally realized, Newton’s third law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Our impact on the world and environment to pacify our hunger to fuel this unsustainable need for energy in order to support our modern lifestyle has come with an equal and opposite push back from planet Earth. Weather channels across the world will confirm an increasing number of record heat years in various parts of the world, in addition, mind numbing category 5 hurricanes and typhoons around the world causing destruction in metropolitan cities with large populations, or the disappearing ice-caps causing a severe threat of rising sea levels.

In the midst of this great and grand energy gap that currently exists, allow me to introduce the next revolution, in case you were living under a rock over the past 12 months. Digital Assets such as cryptocurrencies, officially transitioning onto the Main Stage after years of being in the shadows, have finally been acknowledged by the world as a disruptive, scalable and flexible solution that is here to stay. This year alone, close to USD 4 billion in ICOs are currently on their way to adding value to this network and many more are to follow prior to the end of the year. Some may regard this mania as a bubble ready to burst, however, in our opinion, this movement marks the birth of a new asset class, namely Digital Assets, which have never existed before. Observing the birth of an asset class is truly a celestial event, having occurred only a few times in the course of human evolution.

Nevertheless, we cannot afford to ignore the lessons of the Industrial Revolution that eventually led to the Technological Revolution, which is to be cognizant of our energy consumption while we fuel our growth. What the new entrants into this crypto-world have not realized is that the blockchain network using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are unsustainable in the long run given the voracious energy consumption required by the networks to perform either a single Bitcoin or Ethereum transaction.

It is our responsibility as the founding cryptocurrency community, to deal with all facets of our existence and be self-critical. It was shown here, and there is no shying away from it anymore. It is our responsibility to deal with our waste and if we can help the world a bit in the process all the better.

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