A New Way to Present, Measure and Monetize Ads, Secured Through Blockchain Technology.

Digital advertising is a fast-growing industry, surpassing even TV advertising in volume in 2016. Mobile ad spending alone has reached around 100billion USD spent in 2016, with in-game advertising reaching around 20billion USD. However, a lot of the advertising budget is lost due to fraud, repetitive ad content or ad blocking. This is where our solutions and developments come in, which can be put into three different categories: in-game advertising, gamer participation and later on funding. All of them make use of blockchain technology.

We have developed an innovative solution for software developers and advertising brands called vreo, which enables the placement of digital billboards (surfaces within software to show banners/posters/videos) within software. This enables the placement of ads dynamically and natively embedded within said software (no popups, so no pop-up blockers) and reports back all interaction of the user with the ad. vreo supplies the developers with plugins and algorithms which are tethered to various graphical engines (with which the software is developed). These plugins and algorithms are used for streaming and exchanging the ads as well as evaluating the exact number (and the quality!) of views and other user specific data. Contrary to other developments our solutions are not bound to specific hardware devices but usable on every platform and make use of blockchain technology.

Gamers fuel the whole industry, which is why we find it outrageous that they don’t get to participate in the revenue streams. Using self-determined control and digital profiles, every user can choose to make his data available, in turn receiving a fraction of the ad revenue he is providing through gaming. This enables both better targeting of advertising and content and a reward system for gamers.

All categories of our developments have a lot of untapped potential: while a lot of in-game advertising is happening on mobile, it is still “immobile” advertising that interrupts the gaming experience of the user. With our plugins, we provide a solution to embed ads into the surroundings of the game, for example at roadside or on billboards and TVs, without interrupting the gaming experience. On PC and console there is next to no in-game advertising present, as there was no technology available to do it on a larger scale, a problem our plugin and marketplace solve.

Currently, gamers have no way of participating other than gaining in-game rewards, if any, and get presented with repetitive, non-fitting ads. Customer retention models are on the rise, but still mostly provide no real or monetary benefit to the users.

Blockchain can solve a lot of problems all around both gaming and advertising. All ad data gets gathered and written into a blockchain, where, due to its decentralized nature, it cannot be manipulated, providing a high amount of trust for everyone involved. Combine this with gamer profiles, which are based upon self-determined control possible thanks to blockchain, and fraudulent content gets minimized.

Another key aspect is the payment through cryptocurrency. A lot of advertising models currently out there are paying out weeks or even months after the ads have been shown, leading to shortages of funds on the developer side. International transactions are also costly and slow, while cryptocurrencies like Ethereum can be transferred in a few minutes at less cost.

We strongly believe that blockchain technology will be a great solution for advertising and gaming in general, which is why our solutions are always scalable, as we plan to adapt other forms of advertising to our data and billing routine as well.

The Vreo network will make use of a two-token structure, enabling the stability of fiat-backed volatility-free token mechanisms (the ViewCoin) and a volatile utility token that grants network access and additional utilities like elimination of transaction fees (the MeritCoin).

We founded the company in the beginning of 2016 with the plan to revolutionize the gaming industry. Our team consists of professionals and entrepreneurs of all ages, with industry veterans in PR, marketing, sales and coding. We have strong experience in building companies up from scratch and establishing new business models. In addition to our core team, we rely upon our vast network of developers and contacts all around the world, some of which joined our advisory board. For every step we take and every industry we are in contact with, we either have a team member or a well-recognized advisor in their respective field, such as Iconiq Lab, who help us greatly to navigate the waters of marketing as well as connecting to investors and industry experts.

We are closing in on a sale of our vreo tokens, with a pre-sale taking place in early April 2018. The main token sale runs through May of 2018 and will accept Ethereum (ETH) in exchange for MeritCoins. The ICO has a target size of EUR 8m and a hardcap of EUR 16m. To learn more about our project and our roadmap, please visit us at http:// vreo. io/ or contact us at or one of our other channels that are listed on our website.

While we focus on our in-game advertising solution at the moment, we know there are more problems in the gaming industry that need to be solved. One of these is games funding: we want to provide a platform for developers to launch their own (mini-) ICOs in the future.

Gaming is, despite having surpassed both music and film industry in worldwide revenue, still often not as valued as traditional markets, leaving software developers with next to no means of acquiring funds. Providing market intelligence through our advertising marketplace, financial forecasts can be made based on median performance of games in the targeted genre/sector as well as references from former projects.

Software funding will also be easier, faster and more flexible thanks to smart contracts. It is both possible to reward funders with in-game currency or revenue shares.

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