Symbol ​UUNIO
Token sale opening date 1. May 2018
Token sale closing date 30. Jun 2018
Concept UUNIO Token is an intermediary currency between UNIFul ecosystem and Exchanges that is based on ERC-20. UNIFul chain is a content reward platform ecosystem that is based on UUNIO’s own blockchain technology. By using UNIFul chain’s api, users can participate in the dapps such as UUNIO, ReviewRepublic, etc. and be rewarded with UNIFul coins. CLET, UUNIO’s community-wallet , allows users to exchange UNIFul coins into UNNIO tokens and ICO Chatrooms with airdrop via QR code. UUNIO, one of the dapps that uses UNIFul Chian’s api, is a blockchain-powered social media marketplace. Users can receive lifetime reward by participating in UUNIO as content creators or consumers.


Members Connor Tack – CEO

Moon Lee – CTO

Hannah Kang – Lead Designer

Jongha Ahn – Core Developer

Kevin Kim – Marketing Lead

Evan Kim – Business Developer

Wason Hyunh – Business Developer

Amy Chao – Community Manager

Rachel Cho – Marketing Coordinator


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