TrustVerse is an AI-Blockchain wealth management platform. Wealth management for traditional (global equity) and virtual asset(cryptocurrency). It helps to secure and protect wealth & asset in two different stages of life, life and afterlife.

TrustVerse consists of platform and protocols. The Smart contract for legacy, estate, planning and wills based on wealth management. Moreover, it is a protocol which supports personalized, adjusted and tailored for the individual, family offices, insurance companies and enterprises.

It works for every individual on board. It can serve them as long-term wealth transfer protection. There are severe cases in which one pass away and no one can retrieve the private keys nor crypto asset. Moreover, since the personal or individual assets are not protected by legal structure and security, it is not secured. Therefore, TrustVerse helps to manage the wealth transfer and secure precious assets. It also works for family office as wealth management platform with trustees, and it works for insurance companies and large corporations as data service to provide the most optimized way to provide tax and legal documents.

TVS is AI-based (Deep Neural Reinforcement Machine Learning) platform. It expands financial status with
sophisticated algorithms. Also, it delivers asset management services throughout a lifecycle based on its highly secured blockchain platform. It enables gift, inheritance, funeral services, etc. to be managed in the secured and reliable blockchain-based system. The engine developed by our outstanding financial and technical engineers provides stable portfolio (low risk-medium return) services, and our neural network AI offers and manages portfolio products to maintain stable returns. There is no charge for users who use those services. Also, all data on user identity and user’s financial behaviors are blockchain encrypted. *Portfolio Service: Financial products which are groupings of different assets designed to maintain low risk-medium return regardless of market volatility.

The platform aims to provide low risk-medium return investment portfolio. With application of artificial intelligence (deep neural learning) algorithms and various trained big data models (Equity, crypto, sentiment, macro, fundamental, market live feed), it recommends a portfolio of various class products. Moreover, assets (AI validated) are rebalanced automatically (product composition & ratio adjustment) according to market volatility. Portfolio class includes Global/local equities and Cryptocurrency.

TrustVerse provide the following services:

1) Financial service (Portfolio Intelligence Service powered by multi-data driven deep learned portfolio models and smart contract VM clustering-machine learned smart contract validation)

2) Lifecycle service (Bestowal, Inheritance, and afterlife through ID decentralization and Private Family Smart Contract)

3) Avatar service (AI deep learning based on personal messenger, behavior learned, and able to identify characters)

4) Contributed data (unstructured/structured) are deep learned and categorized as a meaningful set of data to generate new service development

Pros of TrustVerse: A. Stabilization of real asset vs. cryptocurrency B. Increase credibility in cryptocurrency community C. Accepted as alternative asset and value as a currency D. A Healthy ecosystem for financial service provider and consumers.

TrustVerse’ legacy and inheritance services are based on DAPP, which use Private Family Smart Contract. This protects the privacy of families. Family Smart Contract requires all family members’ agreement to be built, and only then, it is saved in a blockchain, which insulates risk of forgery. This Smart Contract, established by every family member’s agreement, ensures assets to be handed over to surviving family members with no disruption in case of sudden death of deceased. Gift and inheritance services (conditional gifting, testamentary trust, scheduled inheritance of trusted asset) charge no fee and are delivered as set forth by the Smart Contract. Plus, if a user included data of cryptocurrencies other than TVS TOKEN to his/her Smart Contract, the crypto-currencies are securely inherited to his/ her family or inheritors designated by the deceased, even in case of a sudden death.

Confirmation of a death of Private Family Smart Contract’s contracted person is made in the two methods described below:

• To submit the death certificate to the company and obtain confirmation.
• To confirm the death by an agreement from all surviving family members.

TrustVerse provides solutions which are of use for asset management firms, securities firms, and the banking sector. Total Finance AI would both improve and replace researchers, backtesting, and other validations, and designs which are done by today’s research teams and statistics team. AI has a potential to perform what was previously done by research teams or statistics teams. Even though some in the local market wish to design global portfolio, it is all but impossible because it requires the build-up of specialized market research team and statistics team. Recruiting as well as funding are all tall orders. That’s why worldclass hedge fund, quant, or AI based asset management firms such as Renaissance Technologies, Vanguard, Blackrock, Blackstone, etc. only are capable of because they are financially well positioned with a massive fund to input.

Co-founders and key team members are from global financial, tech companies and international organization such as Cisco Systems, IBM, Samsung, Goldman Sachs, CLSA and the OECD. They hold M.A., MBA, Ph.D., degrees in management and finance from the top U.S. schools, which include University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Cornell University and Columbia University. Advisors of TrustVerse are from current senior leadership from Alibaba Group, Google, and Microsoft HQ.

Is a Singapore based ICT solution and service company. The office in Singapore is the HQ, and the office in Seoul functions as R&D center for AI and blockchain. We will soon expand to Hong Kong and Silicon Valley to strengthen the algorithm and regional market development. Market coverage includes Asia-Pacific.

TrustVerse will issue and distribute its first White-paper through our landing site for ICO( on the 2nd week of April. Private sales until the end of April, PreSales start from 1st of May, public sales on Mid-April.

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