Symbol TXN
Token sale opening date 15. Jun 2018
Token sale closing date 30. Jun 2018
Concept TraXion focuses on building infrastructure for everyday users. A blockchain- driven environment changes how people do business by enforcing data integrity, accountability, transparency, and trust. Using the latest Hyperledger Fabric technology, they provide seamless integration and connectivity among networks, businesses and people. Their solution is a blockchain platform ready for business which means it’s scalable, immutable, permissioned, and has all the necessities to execute smart contracts, business provenance and data visibility.


Members Ann Cuisia – CEO

Tamer Maher – COO

Fernando Contreras Jr. – CTO

Roberto Calida – CFO

Miguel Pilar – Head of Business Development

Alvin Veroy – Head of Blockchain and Infrastructure

Jason Dela Rosa – Head of DevOps

Jojy Azurin – Head of Business Strategies

Raymonde Sawal – Marketing Head In Charge of UK

Jon Margalit – Biz Dev, North American Region

Iurii Znak – Marketing & Investment Consultant

Jourdan Sebastian – Market Influencer

Christopher Asinas – Community Manager

Michael Samonte – Lead Developer


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