The Great Disruption: Unleashing the Quantum Blockchain

  • by Brooke Hart
  • May 17, 2018
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Hubezoo, an internetwork protocol which utilizes a quantum blockchain, is expected to be one of the largest ICO’s of 2018.  Their ICO launch begins on April 30th, 2018.  UnaGold is the digital gold standard token that powers Hubezoo network.

The objective of the Hubezoo innovative platform is to introduce quantum applications for social media, commerce, and more effective online information interfaces.

The premises of this futuristic technology are a framework which streamlines social media, commerce, and information into an all in one global interlink or internetwork.  The consolidated approach creates 100 x faster searches and more effective interactions online than all current models.

Hubezoo quantum platform approach works with big data, organizing it into niche hubs.  Hubezoo uses AI – IA, or artificial intelligence for interactive analytics.  The AI-IA innovation organizes relevant information and disseminates what users are navigating and looking for.  The result is hyperspeed, direct searches, and social media with new navigational features to find relevant data.

The architecture of Hubezoo is divided into 22 niche categories which hold and guides relevant big data.  The organization and navigational features offered through the technology provide a needed upgrade for users to find trustworthy and transparent information.

Hubezoo is expected to use ICO funds for the first phase of the Bankezoo protocol, to be introduced in August 2018.  It will then expand through 2020 for the complete development of the internetwork.

Identifying the Quantum Blockchain
While blockchain is expanding opportunities in a decentralized format, there are known issues with scalability and interactivity.  Hubezoo quantum blockchain functions simultaneously in a centralized and decentralized fashion creating a global interlink with all tech platforms.

Hubezoo has scalable quantum power because it offloads most of big data which does not need to be block chained. Hubezoo quantum blockchain approach is the great disruptor to the current structure of the internet and the new blockchain models as well.

Quantum applications are not only able to move from node to node; block to block.  They also discern the most relevant information at hyperspeed, finding the data which is most relevant to the blockchain.  The technology is currently offered with a qubit structure, now used in the banking arena.

The quantum approach changes the blockchain interactions.  It has the capacity to interlink blockchains by organizing the information in each blockchain.

While blockchains and information all remain separate with each platform, there is also an interlinking structure, offering a decentralized – centralized equilibrium.

Brooke Hart, co-founder of Hubezoo, states “Quantum applications help us to think in 3D instead of through linear equations.  With our innovative algorithm, we navigate differently.  We don’t go in a straight line, which often leads to fragmentation, but create a matrix of information, finding the most relevant points to connect to; layer by layer.  The innovation helps the blockchain and the Internet to become accessible and transparent to everyone.”

With the quantum applications, the platform has the capacity to expand and scale with both known and unknown factors relating to big data.

The Unagold ICO Token
A feature of the Hubezoo ICO is with the introduction of Unagold, the official ICO token.

Like other features of the interlinking platform, Unagold has the capacity to connect to other platforms, acting as a “revolving door” for all currencies.

When using Unagold, users have more power in their decisions with transactions.  Cryptocurrencies, traditional currencies, big data and smart contracts can all be interchanged within the platform or interlinked to other blockchain or traditional centers.  The transactions offer a compatible interface between the real world of financial institutions and all virtual platforms.

When using quantum applications with Unagold, users find the most relevant ways to hyperspeed compatible transactions, dependent on the consumer spending and personal requirements.  AI – IA navigates the commerce for better applications with the token.

Unagold will function with quantum releases of the token.  Multiple layers will be introduced by category, offering several formats of the digital currency.  For instance, government, banking, and countries can integrate Unagold with their own currency layer for an open but secure trading platform.

Babaji Maharaj, the founder of Hubezoo, states “The Unagold token is based on a smart design which perfectly creates the digital gold standard token.  A functional and practical cryptocurrency that has diverse applications is absolutely necessary for the global community.”

The Unagold token is not only designed as a quantum, open, revolving door. 3% of the token will go into the Hubezoo’s global reserve fund.

The global reserve fund is an intermediary for the company.  It works as a savings or vault system for the UnaGold token. The Global Reserve fund will secure the tokens within the site, so the monetary system is stabilized, and all users are protected.

The Bankezoo Interface
Phase 1 of the Hubezoo protocol will introduce the Bankezoo.  The Bankezoo functions as a core component of the internetwork.  It is the first social media, commerce and data platform for all global finance.

Bankezoo provides an online platform which integrates traditional and cryptocurrencies.  While remaining decentralized, institutions work with consumers for different experiences.

The Bankezoo consists of a fluid interchange with social media, commerce, and information.  Users expand their use of social media.  There is the ability to use official correspondence with banking officials or cryptocurrency blockchains as well as public or casual conversations.

Commerce within the Bankezoo hyperspeeds transactions.  The first layer deciphers information for relevant data for a transaction, allowing consumer opportunities for all account formats as well as digital currency applications.

Information is also offered within the Bankezoo, providing a service which allows users to identify and remain educated with banking data.  With AI – IA, relevancy, and transparency within banking systems are readily available to users.

The Bankezoo interface interlinks to other niche hubs, specifically to hyperspeed transactions while providing multiple layers for accounts, transactions, and use of all formats of currencies.

The Tech triad of Transparency and Trust
The approach of Hubezoo is to offer what is called a “tech triad.”  The approach offers transparency and trust of information which is offered online.

The tech triad is inclusive of the three major hubs introduced with the technology.  Govezoo, Bankezoo, and Shopezoo create the central interlinking system with the quantum technologies.

By offering organized information, commerce, and social media in these three areas, it alters our online interface.

The trust is not only identified with central hubs.  The AI – IA approach, as well as quantum applications, create transparency.  When information is organized and navigates with a better infrastructure, it helps relevant information to immediately be available.

It also halts the requirements which tech companies now use relating to data breaches and abusive use of information.

The tech triad and the interlinking system between institutions and the community creates a balance or golden bridge.  There is an infrastructure for decentralization as well as centralization, creating a median which users use for a combination of openness and privacy as well as security.

The Future of Commerce
A powerful feature which is available through Hubezoo is the commerce interlinking system.  Information is divided by category as well as by how users want to shop.

The interlinking system expands to a physical – digital interface.  The organization of the system is designed to create more opportunities to sell products and services online.

There is an organization of different types of commerce, ranging from large e-commerce businesses to individual entrepreneurs.  Consumer and business empowerment is central to the expansion of the Hubezoo protocol.

The features used with commerce and the integration with AI – IA as well as quantum applications are designed to create opportunities for every individual.  With the proper organization, it allows consumers to be directed to the choices they desire for a purchase.

As the protocol develops, mirror platforms will be created for business exchange.  The design is expected to assist corporations, medium size businesses, and entrepreneurs.

The founders have projected the system will introduce over 1 billion new entrepreneurs and opportunities through the blockchain.  The design is created with the vision of creating prosperity and sustainability for the global economy.

Hart states, “Our platform was created so everyone wins.  We are interested in opportunity and prosperity for the global economy.  We believe that the proper, organizational platform can create a sustainability wheel, where there is prosperity for everyone instead of poverty.”

The commerce approach offers over 8 streams of income.  Hubezoo does not rely on selling ads as a primary source of revenue.  Integrating other forms of interactivity helps to expand the revenue for the company and how it can be used.

Where Social Media is Truly Social
Current approaches to social media are fragmented and limited, while data breaches continue to accelerate with today’s popular platforms.

The Hubezoo social media platform changes the way which users connect, mirroring the physical experiences of networking and social interactions.

Social interactions are divided by category and discerned with AI – IA.  Users use greater controls with privacy or open networks, specifically by identifying how they want to interface with specific groups.

Security within social media, as well as other interfaces, include five layers of security.  This is not only for public utilization.  Government officials, for instance, use security with interactions with other officials or the public.

The fluidity of the social media system offers a logical and transparent approach not only for the public but also for those interested in private online conversations or group-based data.

What Investors Need to Know
There are currently 200 million Unagold tokens available for the ICO launch.  These are available at the price of $1.50 or .0026 Ethereum.  They function as an ERC – 20 with a smart contract.

As quantum layers are available with the tokens, there is no hard cap with the ICO launch.  After using all tokens for layer 1, Hubezoo will introduce a second, diverse layer for new investments.  With the technical development from the ICO, the token investments will transfer to the Hubezoo protocol.

Allocated funds will be used to develop the Hubezoo business and the innovative technologies.  A total of 8% is designated for prototype development and the technology team with 3% designated for R&D.  Another 8% of Hubezoo funds will be available for marketing.  Of these, 1.5% will be designated as a part of their bounty program.

To start with the global reserve fund, 3% will be provided for the security of the token.  Advisors have an allocation of 8% and management has 10% available.  A total of 60% of the funds will be provided to the public.

The beginning of the ICO offers a 25% discount of Unagold tokens within the first 14 days and the next 14 days will receive a 10% discount of Unagold tokens.

The Future Is Here
The vision of the Hubezoo began with the desire to create transparency, trust and economic opportunity within the global community.

The launch of the Hubezoo ICO introduces the world’s most powerful, all-inclusive platform which utilizes innovative technology to interchange how we interact online.

Maharaj states, “The Hubezoo internetwork, quantum blockchain, and AI – IA are clearly positioned on the new tech frontier and are ready to catch the next big evolutionary wave into 2020 and beyond.  This is why we like to call Hubezoo the internetwork of the future….because that is exactly who we are.  We are excited for everyone to join us for this great journey to make the world a better place for us all. more happy, successful, healthy, and peaceful.”

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