The Fork has happened.

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork has happened! At this moment neither side is willing to compromise and it is at this stage unclear which implementation will become the dominant software on the BCH network or if the two separate chains will continue to exist in the long term, although this will require some form of replay protection which at this stage is not there.


The last shared block was #556,776 and was mined by SVPool. At the time of writing which is supporting Bitcoin Cash ABC has mined a new block and the chains have officially split.


The ABC group have introduced a series of technical upgrades that reorder the transactions and increase block capacity. Other features also include greater operability between cryptocurrencies.


The alternative camp “SV” is not accepting these changes and have instead opted to restore retired code from the original Bitcoin protocol whilst increasing block size from 32Mb to 128Mb.

All eyes are on the outcome of the hashwars and at this time the future of the bitcoin cash community is undetermined.

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