The death of bitcoin cash?

Bitcoin has tanked today and is down around 10 percent at the time of writing. This is due to the ongoing dispute between supporters of BTHSV and BTHABC both sides are attempting to gather as much mining power together as possible in an attempt to force the direction of the cryptocurrency in their favour.

As each side threatens to destroy the other hash power has been diverted from mining BTC to support sides in the ongoing hashwar.

One one side you find Jihan Wu and Roger Ver. They are proponents of Bitcoin Cash SV.

On the other side you have Craig Wright. Sometimes known as the Fake Satoshi pushing Bitcoin Cash ABC

The rhetoric from Craig Wright has been quite intense whilst Jihan Wu and Roger Ver have remained more magnanimous.



Craig Wright came out with fighting talk:



He went on to threaten 2014 prices. Do you think this man has the power?



Roger Ver took to Youtube to discuss the upcoming fork earlier this week:

For now Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be recovering from its flash crash or at least has stabilized. Lets hope it holds steady. It is my opinion that this childish spat between the rival Bitcoin Cash proponents will do nothing for the reputation of BTH be it SV or ABC. It is quite likely that there will be no winners.

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