• Initial Coin Offerings Must Learn From Theranos

    “Innovators who seek to revolutionize and disrupt an industry must tell investors the truth about what their technology can do today, not just what they hope it might do someday.” On Wednesday, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)filed charges against Theranos Inc as well as its disgraced CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, and former president, […]
  • Post-Cable Network Cheddar Launches TV Show ‘Crypto Craz

    On March 15 the post-cable network Cheddar announced it will be broadcasting a thirty-minute show about cryptocurrencies called ‘Crypto Craze.’ The show will explore investment strategies for digital assets like bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. Online Stock Brokerage Firm Sponsors a TV Show Called ‘Crypto Craze’ The online trading platform that offers custom equities, options and […]
  • Financial Services Committee Hears Testimony On Cryptocurrencies, ICOs

    On Wednesday, the House Financial Services Committee heard testimony from a collection of cryptocurrency professionals. In addition to addressing concerns about investor speculation, witnesses provided their thoughts on the patchwork of existing regulations. They seemed to possess a shared goal: protecting investors without stifling innovation. However, witnesses presented different ideas about how the crypto-community and […]
  • Google To Ban All Crypto-Related Ads Starting June 2018

    Google will ban all cryptocurrency-related advertising of all types in June 2018, according to a recent update to their Financial Services policy. The news of a crypto ad ban comes just days after crypto advertisers using Google Adwords noticed a drastic drop in the number of views of their advertisements, according to posts on the […]
  • Survey Finds South Korean Youth the Most Active Crypto-Investors

    South Koreans in Their Twenties: The Most Active Crypto-Investors According to the regional publication Yonhap, South Korean residents in their 20s are very active when it comes to cryptocurrency investments and trading. South Korea is Asia’s fourth-largest economy and its become a popular region for trading digital currencies despite pending government regulations. The local news […]
  • EOS, Cardano and Tezos: Sleeping Giants Starting to Stir

    Ethereum’s Party Poopers Are Late to the Party Assessing the merits of EOS, Cardano, and Tezos is impossible without assessing the merits of Ethereum. Its shadow looms large over the three projects, each of which is inexorably linked with Ethereum, the direct competitor they’re trying to topple. Tezos is bidding to be a better governed […]
  • Spectiv

    Revolutionary Virtual Reality Streaming Platform Supported by the Blockchain Spectiv is a communitydriven virtual reality streaming platform that enables people and organizations to share their unique virtual reality experiences with the world. These experiences might be as commonplace as a walk through a local park or as exciting as a live music festival. Viewers will […]
    • by Dylan Senter
    • February 27, 2018
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  • Wrisx

    World’s Risks and Research on the Blockchain. Wrisx is an innovative system tackling a problem relevant for major institutions as well as SMEs and individuals in emerging markets: the need for research of counterparty risks. WRISX PLATFORM Led by Dr Vlad Shipov, an experienced fintech entrepreneur and founder of an international trade credit insurance broking […]
  • Where Are the Real Estate Blockchain Success Stories?

    From the earliest days of the emergence of blockchain technology, core technolo-gists, business people, and media sources have always agreed on the obvious oppor-tunity in extending blockchain technology to real estate markets. Blockchain-based real estate transactions could drastically simplify issues around payment transfers, tracking ownership, securing international deals, and offering more granular access to real […]
    • by Alexander S. Blum
    • February 23, 2018
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  • Gimmer announces free trading BOT for all users and extra exclusive access for token holders

    Automated cryptocurrency trading platform Gimmer (GMR token) has announced two new initiatives designed to open crypto trading to the mass market. Firstly, GMR holders will have unlimited free access to the first ‘Basic’ tier of their trading BOTs. The Gimmer BOTs are sophisticated strategies built by Gimmer’s experienced professional trading team and designed to give […]
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