• Bitcoin’s Price Jumps $1,000 In 30 Minutes Of Market Growth Across The Board

    The crypto markets experienced an explosion of growth today, April 12, with Bitcoin (BTC) jumping more than $1,000 to break $8,000 over just a 30 minute period, and the rest of the market solidly in the green. While no specific events have been confirmed as the reason for the sharp price jumps across the board, […]
  • Pryvate Ltd. Joins Blockchain Revolution With Their Own ICO

    PVC is a Utility Token That Will Help Further Expand The Pryvate Ecosystem Pryvate Ltd. the developers behind the PryvateNow app and specialists in industry leading e2e encryption services, are launching their own Initial Coin Offering (ICO). As the global necessity for encryption services grows in our current era of constant privacy-invasion scandals, so does the awareness and applications for […]
  • The largest conference #CryptoEvent Indo in Jakarta

    The conference #CryptoEvent Indo will be held in Jakarta Indonesia on May 11-12 2018. Venue: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Jakarta is one of the top 10 crypto-capitals of the world in 2017, according to IDACB (International Decentralised Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain). This means that the city has created conditions for trading, crypto-exchanges, mining and […]
  • An Iconiq Vision: Iconiq Lab and Tokenization’s Future

    If you are reading this article, I don’t have to tell you how over $4 Billion was raised in 2017 in ICO’s, dwarfing the roughly $100 Million in 2016 and even the amount VC’s invested into blockchain companies in 2017. I also don’t need to tell you of the risks in relation to investing into […]
  • HODL or BAGL?

    Based Global takes power from the scalpers and puts it into the hands of artists and consumers through the BAGL token. Be amongst the first to join the revolution! At Based Global we are on a mission to completely reimagine the way in which live event ticketing works. Our focus is on creating a new […]
  • London Football Exchange A Blockchain Stock Exchange for Football

    According to the latest research, football finance is booming. The Deloitte Football Money League recently released its latest findings, in which it stated that aggregate revenue for the top 20 clubs in the world grew 6% Year-onYear from €7.4 billion to €7.9 billion. The biggest clubs in the world have ventured into the Asian market […]
  • : Launches the Cryptocurrency Exchange of the Future! is building a crypto exchange platform for the future. The platform is based on the most secure model ever created so far. SafeCrypt’s revolutionary technology is empowering the crypto trading community with the most advanced cascade encryption algorithms that are using the fastest network available. The company’s technology is the first of its kind […]
  • DocTailor Customises Legal Contracts on the Blockchain

    The new blockchain revolution has brought about a notable demand for smart contracts. Currently, there are few if any individuals who are making use of the services that have already been made available. In fact, while almost half of all senior executives believe there is value in smart contracts on the blockchain, and while they […]
  • Digitize Enabling the Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrencies Through the Conversion of Loose Change

    Digitize is implementing an ecosystem which will provide users with a digital wallet and allow them to save their loose change and cash digitally, at the point of a transaction. The Digitize ecosystem will prevent the need to carry loose-change and promote the transition from a cashbased society to a digital-based society. This is the […]
    • April 9, 2018
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  • Why Investors Are Betting Millions On Bitcoin Surveillance

    Tracking the myriad cryptocurrencies as they ping around the world en masse every day is no simple task. Ask 27-year-old British entrepreneur Jonathan Levin, co-founder and chief operating officer of Chainalysis, one of the hottest companies in the burgeoning business of digital currency tracking. In its early days, in 2014, Chainalysis would do its best to […]
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