• Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin: Crypto Price Collapse Will Not Constrain Further Growth

    Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys Inc. CEO Joseph Lubin said in an interview with Bloomberg Aug. 14, that he does not see the recent cryptocurrency price collapse as a constraint to further growth. In а recent discussion on the state of the cryptocurrency market with Bloomberg, Lubin said that the value surges of the past year […]
  • 0x Protocol Aims to Supersede Centralized Exchanges as ICO Funds are Utilized for Development

    For a market clamored on supporting decentralized frameworks, cryptocurrency exchanges are the digital asset sector’s single point of ideological failure. While decentralized exchanges (DEX) can serve as a fundamental challenge concerning fund storage and liquidity, companies like 0x are swiftly building turnarounds. Build Your own DEX Technically similar to Ethereum in providing the tools for […]
    • by Shaurya Malwa
    • July 23, 2018
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  • Tether Appoints BMO Anti-Money Laundering Manager as Chief Compliance Officer

    Cryptocurrency startup Tether Limited has appointed a former AML Quality Control Manager at the Bank of Montreal (BMO) to lead the company’s regulatory compliance efforts, according to an announcement published July 12. The company behind cryptocurrency Tether (USDT) has hired Leonardo Real as Chief Compliance Officer. Real was previously responsible for establishing practices, policies, and […]
  • AcuteCoin

      THE ACUTE CRYPTO-SOLUTION CALLED ACUTECOIN Cryptocurrency has opened doors for different innovations in recent times and changed the way the world envisions, imagines, and thinks finance. One of the greatest cryptocurrency revolutions to occur is the entrance of the new cryptocurrency ICO coin, AcuteCoin. AcuteCoin is made up of a team of Cryptocurrency traders, […]