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  • by Dasha Lyalin
  • May 17, 2018
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Video games have come a long way since cartridge consoles of Nintendo in the 80s to the gargantuan $100B industry. It is one of the few growing markets in media and entertainment with over 2B people playing on PCs, consoles, and mobiles. And yet it has two major problems that haven’t been solved.

More than 70% of gamers today do not limit themselves to one platform. Close to 90% of console gamers also play on desktop computers. People enjoy playing on multiple devices, and these devices do not interconnect or share their data. In the world where tens of thousands of games are released yearly for a dozen different platforms and stores, it is hard to navigate in this sea of choice. Every entertainment industry has its central place with a universal database and recommendation algorithms to help you make the right choice—IMDb for movies, Goodreads for books, Spotify for music. Whereas the gaming industry is too fragmented and platform owners do not wish to collaborate because they don’t want to lose you as a customer to a different platform.

What’s more important, gamers invest lots of time and skills into play, but they do not get anything practical in return. An average AAA title costs around $60 with a few paid expansions or in-game purchases that push the price higher to around a $100 price tag. And every game like this demand at least some hours just to understand if you like it or not.

People always seek ways to monetize their hobby, some succeeded by becoming game journalists or Twitch streamers, but the competition is already too tough there, which means that your dream of earning by playing will remain a dream.

The single solution to the two problems
Launched in 2017, RAWG has over 56,000 games now from around 50 platforms and stores including Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and mobiles. RAWG users can interact with games from anywhere and don’t have to jump from platform to platform through this database. The company has already created a centralized community amongst gamers and, through the data collected from users, RAWG will also bring the first personalized cross-platform recommendations to the gaming industry.

RAWG was publicly presented in beta this February and got praised for its ‘people first’ approach. It aggregated over 700 upvotes on Product Hunt and was featured among the best products of the day. The ‘IMDb for games’ was also featured in an interview with its COO Dasha Lyalin in leading gamedev media outlet

RAWG is now developing RAWG tokens, an internal currency to reward gamers for in-game achievements—the best measure of users’ time and skills invested in a game. RAWG users will be able to sync their achievements from Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox with the platform in exchange for tokens, with rare achievements being more valuable than common ones.

RAWG utilizes cryptotech and blockchain technology to power its token. The tokens value is backed by advertising: one token equals 10 impressions of premium ads on RAWG and can be exchanged for partner offers or traded for gaming-related goods and services. The initial price of one token is $0.03, and one token is equal to 10 impressions of premium display ads on RAWG. That makes up $3 for 1,000 impressions, which is tenfold less than game services usually have. The funds raised will be invested into developing a rewarding system, recommendation algorithm, social and pro features, and marketing, because the number of users and targeting data will directly affect the advertising costs—and thus the token price.

Behind the games
RAWG is being developed by Behind The Games, UAB, a Lithuania-based company located in the biggest tech-park in the Baltics and Nordics. It already has a working product with a vast content-rich database of over 56,000 games and 18,000 game creators. RAWG has a set of unique and fun UGC-tools including games collections and emoji reviews. It supports automatic synchronization of games from Steam, PSN, and Xbox, and the team is working to add more platforms in the future. Packed with social features, smooth UI, and deep insights to personal gaming statistics across platforms, RAWG is rushing to become the central place for every gamer and the first video game discovery platform that converts your skills and time into goods and services.

RAWG team boasts of entertainment and media veterans with several successful projects in the past:

  • Gadji Makhtiev. Founder and ex-CEO of a leading Russian gaming outlet — Kanobu. Gadji raised the valuation of Kanobu from zero to around $9M while keeping the company profitable.
  • Alexey Gornostaev CPO of Former Project Manager of Game Insight, one of the largest mobile game developers in Eastern Europe.
  • Dasha Lyalin. Ex-CEO of mobile VAS and entertainment streaming service inside the largest Eastern European mobile retailer Svyaznoy.
  • Samat Galimov. Former CTO of leading Russian news media Meduza and social e-reading subscription service Bookmate.

The company also closed a $2M investment round this year from venture fund Altair Capital, game developer Wargaming, private investors, such as Igor Matsanyuk (Game Insight founder), Misha Lyalin (ZeptoLab CEO), Pavel Roytberg. RAWG also secured the help of advisors who are professionals in entertainment and blockchain.

  • John Hanke. CEO of Niantic Inc., responsible for Pokemon GO. Ex-VP Google of Geo Product Management.
  • Vyacheslav Makarov. Head of the World of Tanks Product Group, head of R&D at Co-creator of World of Tanks.
  • Eugene Tartakovsky. Founder of Siberia Capital & Research Center and ex-CTO of Santiment.
  • Vladislav Kreinin. VP of Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, Central, and Eastern Europe.

RAWG has reached agreements with some big partners to work further on RAWG and RAWG tokens. This includes Wargaming, whose game World of Tanks has 140M players; Xsolla, the leading billing provider for game companies; OMD, one of the largest advertising companies in the world; Deloitte, a Big Four accounting firm; and more game companies, that provides legal and tax consulting services for the crowdsale.

RAWG tokens, live this summer
RAWG tokens will be live in the summer of 2018. RAWG tokens will create a one-of-a-kind open ecosystem for gamers, advertisers, and developers where everybody will get what they need. Gamers will be rewarded for their data shared with RAWG while content creators and editors will also be rewarded with tokens for contributing to the community.

Tokens can be exchanged for goods, services, or discounts from RAWG’s partners or changed, gifted or sold. Advertisers will buy tokens on the market and change each one for 10 views of premium display advertising on RAWG, thus generating the value and investing in the crypto market. RAWG aims to have a unique set of data about its users for advertising purposes including what and how people play on multiple devices. Finally, developers will get an insightful way to deeply understand gamers’ preferences.

To achieve optimal tokenomics, RAWG has announced a crowdsale with a target to raise $10M, some of which has already been covered by Crypto Bazar, an early stage investment fund, which closed the softcap of $2M, and the company has already raised $3M more during the private sale. RAWG is still accepting some private investors starting with $100,000 and plans to hold the public sale late in May.

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