Preventum is the world’s first digital public health platform designed to help governments
and organizations deliver effective preventative healthcare campaigns. Preventum’s first
application in the US will focus on reducing opioid use and ultimately preventing chronic

The Problem
Drug overdose is now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50 years of age
75% of these deaths are linked to opioids. 140 Americans die every day from opioid overdose and misuse.

Up until the early 80s, doctors were only prescribing opioids to relieve pain in dying patients receiving end-of-life care. In 1990 opioid therapy was being used to treat cancer pain. By the late 90s, prescription opioids were being promoted as the solution for any and all pain. America is now the world’s leader in opioid prescriptions, with prescribed opioids killing more Americans than any illegal drug.

A Solution?
Preventum have a software which allows influential personalities and governments to set up campaigns on their tokenized platform. Kevin Lyman (famous rock artist and founder of the Vans Warped Tour) is running the FEND campaign ( as the pilot on the Preventum platform. The interest and engagement have been amazing. over 200,000 young people are signed up to the platform, with over 95% engagement. Young people are engaging with the app and educating themselves about the opioid crisis and earning tokens to use towards merchandise and concert tickets.

The goal of the digital opioid campaign is to reduce the risk for opioid misuse, abuse, overdose and diversion by people prescribed opioids for acute pain relief. DOC combines evidence-based content and gamification techniques to educate people on safe use, safe storage and safe disposal of newly prescribed opioids.

They believe that Preventum can revolutionize the current public health platform.

• Intuitive, easy-to-use web and app interface.
• Proven expertise in technology and gamification, and its applicability and efficacy in the public health arena.
• Ability to deliver tailored individual-level messages in community-level public health campaigns.
• HIPAA compliant platform with secure AWS EC2 infrastructure.
• Real-time reporting shows reach and engagement of targeted audience.
• Direct translation of evidence-based research into a user-friendly health campaign builder.
• Powerful rules-based AI engine providing targeted campaigns.
• Expertise in using social media to recruit participants for research campaigns.
• Easy user-friendly tools for developing marketing collateral i.e. infographics, videos, motion

The Pilot Project

Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman takes a hard stance on the recent wave of opioid-related deaths, he says it is our responsibility to help struggling individuals. His new initiative is FEND.

Their website states: “Combining cutting-edge tech, music, and streetwear, FEND is all about empowering you. Knowledge is power after all. The FEND app enables you to take the lead, join forces, and beat the opioid crisis. More than a campaign FEND is a movement.”

Lyman said in an interview:

“The first phase of this is an education thing. We’re finding there’s just a general lack of knowledge of what are opioids, the storage of opioids, when you get hurt and they give you something is that potentially addictive? We’re finding kids are becoming addicted because they twist their ankles in soccer, they’re a cheerleader, they’re prescribed something, and no one really explains to them that this is an addictive thing or can be. So, we’re going to start with basically an education. There is a program people are finding called “Gamification.” Engaging people in games, cause we’re in a gaming society, and you can teach through games. So, the idea being simple things — download the app, follow prompts almost like a game, but we’re educating you, and then rewarding you. We’re planning on building this out and then going to the point where hopefully the next phase will be working with people in recovery already and engaging their counsellors, their families, their spouses. It’s almost like if they stay up and do all the things to keep themselves healthy we’re gonna reward them on a daily, if not weekly basis. It’s a big plan and we’re gonna get hopefully a baseline here with the Warped tour this summer with our fans. You go to Preventum and then FEND is the app within it.”

He went on to say

“…it’s gonna have a mental health element and what we’re gonna be doing is similar because a lot of people don’t know where to go get help. So part of the app will be giving your local knowledge, places to go, similar to what we did with A Voice For The Innocent. If you had been sexually harassed or abused, we gave people local resources they could go get help. So that will be part of the app. It’s gonna keep building.”

Preventum in association with FEND is developing practical ways of utilising and capitalising on the unique characteristics of blockchain as a way to address social need and utilize blockchain for good. By exploring ways to create positive social change by decentralising processes and enabling and motivating populations to participate in on a global scale.

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