Power of the Rising Sun

  • by Amal Sharma
  • July 5, 2017
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Power of the Rising Sun

Up till now, making big Hollywood and Bollywood movies was the private playground of wealthy production companies. That is about to change with the new TKRS Ltd initiative to do an ICO Crowd sale for TWO movies based upon “ The Kracht of Rising Sun”, a book written by Vania Von Vanistan alias Austin Ross. Also republished under the name ‘The Crash of the Rising Sun’.

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No longer just some reap the huge benefits because of all the product placement fees, TV and Satellite rights, grants and of course the box-office takings.

High profile actors with a huge crowd following them daily, known directors and producers are involved. Released in two parts, shot together for economic as well as story reasons.

See the animated trailer:

The Concept

Vania Von Vanistan combines politics power and money in this thrilling new novel. He shares his life experiences as an Executive Manager and part owner of a Swiss private bank in Geneva in the early nineties.In the world of shady Swiss Banking, one of the biggest scams of the eighties is unfolded and reveals a ruthless conspiracy. People in a ‘quick in and quick out’ mode at whatever cost with minimum exposure, maximum rewards and the highest level of profit.  From Geneva, Hong Kong, to Munich and New York, the story captures a serious side, alongside humor, intrigue, love, sex, power and corruption. The movie is shot in Georgia, France, UK and the US primarily and spoken in English and dubbed in Hindi, French and others as required. Portraying its main very successful actor aged 74 to look like a 25-30 year-old, is a special effect which will attract many of his followers to the cinema in India and around the world.

This movie will be released in two parts of two hours each, summer 2018 and latest June 2019. ANYBODY can  participate in its funding and profit from its results.

Token Distribution, Redemption and Trading The ICO/ITO will start on July 14th and will last until August 31st. A maximum of 1,250,000 TKRS Tokens will be created during the ICO and no more will be created thereafter. Each Token will be worth 10 US Dollars at time of creation.

Look out for the very attractive return on your investment on our launch date!

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