• by Alex Lightman
  • April 9, 2018
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NurseToken uses Blockchain technology to help solve issues within the global nursing industry and help alleviate the unprecedented global nursing shortage. There is a worldwide shortage of nurses that has hit crisis levels.

NurseToken tackles this problem head on with a decentralized credentialing system that increases nurse portability, enables hospitals to fill much needed positions on-demand, and decreases the barriers to getting nurses working where they are needed the most.

It’s crazy to think that it can take an average of 3 months and $1K per nurse to get nurses credentialed from start to finish. Nurses who then want to work at another hospital system must start all over and repeat the entire process.

Putting credentialing on the blockchain would make the verification process immutable and trusted, thus greatly reducing the time to onboard a nurse at a new hospital. In addition, because of the shortage, hospitals are desperate to entice nurses to work for them, and it isn’t uncommon for hospitals to offer huge signon bonuses and pay for education to attract skilled nurses. Through the NurseToken system, hospitals can offer NurseTokens to nurses to incentivize nurses to work crucial shifts based on the satisfaction of certain metrics that are made part of a smart contract. In a survey given to nurses in Atlanta, 92% of nurses agreed that a NurseToken bonus was a good incentive that they would ask for.

The nursing shortage is global, and nurses from all over the world are traveling across borders. Twelve thousand Filipino nurses traveled to Saudi Arabia to fill nursing jobs there in recent years, and nurses from India are steadily flowing to the UK to fill empty jobs there. Why not put credentialing on the blockchain and empower nurses across the globe to get approved to work instantly and get them to the locations where they are most needed? Nurses are one of the largest workforces in the world, and make up a profession that has affected us all deeply in many ways at some time in our lives. Let’s solve the nursing shortage crisis through blockchain.

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Alex Lightman is an MIT graduate (’83), attended graduate school at Harvard, and is the winner/recipient of four global technology awards, including the Economist magazine Reader’s Award for the “innovation that will most radically change the world” for this decade 2010-2020. He is a co-founder of Token Communities Plc., a Gibraltar corporation that invests in tokens; the CEO of a publicly traded energy company; and advisor to seven ICO/token sales, including Propy, Science, and Academy for Blockchain Technology mentioned in this article. He is the author of the first book on 4G wireless, Brave New Unwired World and the co-author, with Brett King, of the bestseller, Augmented: Life In The Smart Lane, which was no. 1 in seven different categories in 2016.