Global Peer to Peer Intellectual Property Investment Platform.

NPER is a project that allows creators to take legitimate rights by defeating the unusual intellectual property (IP) industry structure that takes away the legitimate rights of creators. NPER will build a peer to peer blockchain investment main network to innovate the IP industry and challenge on various possibilities.

NPER started from the awareness of Lee Jun-won, the Co-Founder who works as an artist. Creators are seeking structural changes because sales revenue is not enough to cover the cost of materials as well as livelihoods.
The IP industry is growing every year, but the creators are not getting their rights and rewards properly, and this unfair industrial structure has been going on for decades. The IP industry can create endless value, but there is no
business model which enables the investment of individuals, due to the monopolistic industrial structure and its stereotypes.

However, NPER project approaches the existing IP industry by reclaiming the legitimate rights of creators and presenting a new ‘Intellectual Property Investment Business Model’ in which everyone can invest. Creators have little to do with their works, even though IP is their rights and assets. They just must wait until their works are sold. However, some creators would like to finance their IP ownerships for sale or lease, either for other creative activities or for any other reason. NPER recognizes creators’ IP as an asset, purchases it and turns it into a digital asset called NPER coin. In this way, we can share the value of a creators’ intellectual property rights and present a new investment business model that uses the cryptocurrency to ensure investors have a stable or high royalty income.
Using block-chain technology NPER’s main network platform allows peerto-peer trading of license / ownership rights on IP. This project will innovate existing structure by simplifying the distribution channel with smart contracts. It meets the needs of both creators and investors in general.

Smart contracts eliminate the needs of trust among the trading partners. The current juridical interpretation explicitly listed the interests of the parties, but did not enforce the transaction. Blockchain technology with smart contract goes one step further to enforce the contract immediately. Thus, through the system that forces the transaction, the middleman who takes excessive brokerage fees between the trading partners are eliminated. The use of blockchains and smart contracts enables a variety of attempts in the IP industry. It is possible to have a direct match between the creator and the user, therefore eliminating the excessive brokerage fees taken by the distributors. In addition, by recording the IP distribution structure in the chain in real time, the possibility of the illegal use of IP can be greatly prevented. And there are many other attempts in the IP industry. The introduction of block-chain solutions in the IP industry can create a huge wave that changes the industry structure itself.

Accordingly, in NPER‘s global IP trading platform, payment methods will be unified with the NPER coin, and a simplified distribution structure with few commissions and instant IP transactions will be available with a smart contract. In this process, NPER has reduced the risk of hacking by using blockchain technology.

In addition, NPER has qualified technicians, an advisory board and many business partners. The block-chain main network is being built with a professional block-chain development team called “Hexlant”. Its CTO has a long experience in data development lab Nextel, WEB International and other main developers are from Samsung Electronics development team and research department. With qualified expertise in blockchain and other technical aspects, the main network will be built professionally and quickly. On top of that its advisory lawyers and patent attorney have broad experience in IP cases, and its intellectual property M&A specialist has many successful experiences in trading IP which gives more forces to the project. Apart from this, NPER also has an advisory specialist from the blockchain industry and venture capital as well.

NPER has formed partnerships with many businesses, such as Kiwi Media, The Star Asia and global entertainment Media Companies that have extensive networks in South-East Asia, and North-East Asia. Recently NPER also has partnered with renowned cryptocurrency corporation CENTRA and global cryptocurrency investment fund LDJ Capital.

To review NPER’s latest activities, the CEO of NPER Daniel Nam had an interview in NASDAQ discussing about the ICO and the future of the blockchain industry. On January 23rd, 2018 NPER Token pre & crowd sale has successfully ended. On January 27th, 2018 the CENTRA and NPER Meet Up was held at Meridian hotel in Gangnam. It was to celebrate the partnership between NPER & CENTRA. Around 400 people including authorities and participants graced the event with their presence. At the meet-up Daniel Nam introduced the NPER project and in sequence, Alex Park of Hexlant announced the technical roadmap of NPER. According to him, NPER Wallet’s open as scheduled in April 2018 and the completion of NPER’s main net build is in Q1 2019.