Symbol MIB Coin
Token sale opening date 2018 / 07 / 20, 00:00
Token sale closing date 2018 / 08 / 10, 23:59:59

MIB Coin, Smart Mobile Mining
MIB coin is a smartphone-based blockchain network.
Endless possibilities mining with your smartphone. Start mobile mining today!

How It Works
How do you mine cryptocurrency on smartphones without dedicated expensive equipment?

MIB coin cannot mine existing ASIC and GPU methods. It is only available on smartphones.
Benchmark your smartphone and allocate a hash rate.
MIB is designed so that your smartphone is able to withstand the computational complexity
required for mining and protect
your smartphone from overheating and damaging the hardware.

It`s possible with one smartphone.
Reduced power by 99.24% compared to existing
mining machines.
Anyone can mine with a smartphone.



Jaden Park – Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Tracy JI – Co-CEO, Co-Founder

SangShin Park – COO, Co-Founder

Michael Kim – CTO, Co-Founder

David Han – Co-Founder

HyunSook Park – Co-Founder,Public Relation

Kyungsook Ahn – Developer, Co-Founder

TaeHyeung Kim – Advisor

Attila Buzdor – Advisor

Jongho Park – Technical Advisor

Matthew Pyun – Advisor

Yung Joo Han – Legal Advisor

HwaYul Yoo – Legal Advisor

In Beom Na – Certified Public Accountant, Advisor

Rayol HWANG – Funding Advisor


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