Mayfair & Morgan: Opportunities for Blockchain Professionals

Dubai has an established reputation of leading digital innovation for the world. For the first time, Dubai will be pioneering the application of Blockchain technology for smart cities, and sharing it with the world. Dubai will be the first Blockchain powered government, driving the future economy.

“Adopting Blockchain technology Dubai stands to unlock $1.5 billion in savings annually in document processing alone — equal to one Burj Khalifa’s worth of value every year.”

The Mayfair & Morgan Blockchain Strategy establishes a roadmap for the introduction of Blockchain technology for Dubai and the creation of an open platform to share the technology with cities across the globe.

Paul Skillen, CEO of Mayfair & Morgan says “The Smart Dubai Initiative is poised to create thousands of highly paid Professional Service jobs in Dubai in the coming three years. Mayfair & Morgan are at the heart of this initiative and our Centre of Excellence is ideally positioned to facilitate a Gig Economy model to attract the brightest and the best from across the globe. Disintermediating the large professional services corporations, we will put control and revenue in the hands of the individuals and the professional community.”

Job adverts for Blockchain-related positions has more than trebled in the past year, illustrating how demand is booming for people with the skills to harness the technology. Demand for Blockchain expertise is far outstripping supply, making it one of the hottest areas for technology opportunity. The best Blockchain engineers can command a salary above $250,000 – on the high side of what a talented consultant or software engineer can earn.

The Mayfair & Morgan Blockchain Centre of Excellence is a professional services platform that facilitates the fulfilment of contracts from a growing client base, ensuring skilled professionals are assigned to professionally managed projects. Facilitating Blockchain Professionals from around the world to create their own business.

Additionally, the platform provides an Academy facility with access to the most relevant training material and CPD. Members will build their profile by combining an overview of skills, training and experience and will be verified and rated by the community of professionals in their peer group. This ensures professional standards are driven forward and we can confidently match Professionals with well-paid assignments.

This is unique in the professional services industry, where a few major players, historically, have dominated the market. The Gig platform disintermediates the large corporation that are a cost centre and a drag on the agility of professionals and clients alike. Clients and Professionals are brought closer together. Professionals are in control of their own business and can select which assignments they want to participate in.

MMBT Tokens are used to secure contracts, pay professionals, open membership accounts and participate in CPD. The platform will pool a small percentage of each transaction to provide Professional Indemnity insurance for Members and to underwrite fixed price guarantees for clients. Purchasers of MMBT tokens are buying into a professional Services Market that is growing in excess of 65% CAGR. Purchasers of MMBT Tokens today can expect to see the value of those tokens rise rapidly as the platform gains momentum.

The Technical Architecture of the Platform integrates a proven Gig economy platform with Blockchain, embracing Swarm and Hyperledger. Swarm is a distributed storage platform and content distribution service built on Ethereum. It allows users to pool their spare resources to capitalise on them. We aim to make this a core block of the architecture. This layer aims to make the platform DDoS attack-resistant, zero-downtime, fault-tolerant and censorship-resistant. It aims to be self-sustaining owing to a built-in incentive system which harnesses peer to peer accounting and allows trading resources for payment. It offers ways of creating incentives in order to make the operations run smoothly. Swarm allows for, swapping service for service and issuing cheques as instruments of delayed payment, and provides for various escrow conditions and for internal audit.

Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned Blockchain infrastructure providing a modular architecture with a delineation of roles between the nodes in the infrastructure, execution of Smart Contracts and configurable consensus and membership services. Mayfair & Morgan believe the advantages of Hyperledger has a number of compelling advantages to the architecture, including:
• Permissioned membership
• Performance, scalability
• Data on a need-to-know basis
• Rich queries over an immutable distributed ledger
• Modular architecture supporting plug-in components
• Protection of digital keys and sensitive data

So why a token offering? The simple answer is time and community participation. Organic growth will occur; however, a well-funded team will be better positioned to disrupt the market dominated by the Big 5 Professional Services Companies. Through an ITO we can offer the community of Blockchain Professionals and investors to participate in the business opportunity from the beginning.

MMBT – Mayfair & Morgan Tokens can be bought on the waves platform.
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