• by Donovan Obosi
  • August 31, 2017
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The goals that LAToken sets are ambitious: they want to completely transform access to capital, and enable cryptocurrencies to be widely used in the real economy by making real assets tradable in crypto.

“We decentralize capital markets, making them more transparent, efficient and sustainable, while removing the cost of traditional middle men and “too big to fail” institutions. This results in smarter capital flow, empowering people across the world to bring their most productive ideas to life for the ultimate benefit of society,” – says Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, CEO of LAToken.

In a conversation, he mentions that his dream is to build a “Nasdaq on blockchain” with a wider range of tradable assets. LAToken started with listing equities on their platform. Today you can already trade Apple, Amazon, Facebook and other shares. They also partnered with MyGold, a gold and silver manufacturing company and mint based in New Zeeland, to give crypto investors a chance to add the most popular “safe haven” asset, to their portfolios, buying it with cryptocurrencies.

The CEO of MyGold, Richard Elliott, a big fan of blockchain himself seems overwhelmed with this partnership. “Never before has such exciting technology existed where gold could be combined with blockchain. By combining those, you get the best of both — the security of having a physical asset and the convenience of a crypto. With LAToken, we have found the perfect way to make gold more accessible, convenient, and tradable,” —Richard explains.

Eventually, LAToken aims to unlock the value of global assets worth $517 trillion, ranging from equity and real estate to commodities and works of art. To do so, they don’t just allow investors to purchase them at minimal transaction costs and maximum transparency and security, but also tokenize them to sell them by fractions allowing small investors to enter previously accessible only to large investors. For example, a share in Apple Inc. today costs $157, and an ounce of gold is almost $1300. Before LAToken started its trades, it was impossible for an investor with just $50 to own any of them. But today you can get fractions of both for any amount you want to spend.

That’s’ how, by bringing trillions onto blockchain, and millions into previously inaccessible markets, LAToken bridges the crypto- and real economies. They believe crypto will dominate the global economy, and so do we. So, let’s just watch the blockchain revolution win.

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Donovan is the Head ICO analyst at ICO crowd magazine.