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  • investFeed – A One-Stop Solution For the Cryptocurrency Community

investFeed – A One-Stop Solution For the Cryptocurrency Community

  • by Gregory Rocco
  • August 3, 2017
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The information age combined with Web 2.0 technologies begat a revolution that allowed the seamless flow of user generated data to populate social networks across the internet. The augmentation of the cryptocurrency market has been remarkable in not only adoption rates, but diversity as well. Cryptocurrency has gained international attention, but a problem exists in pinpointing a central location for information and speculation from its followers. investFeed’s goal is to be not just an ordinary social network, but a hub for cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts alike to discuss, share, and truly build a home for themselves. investFeed is not just simply creating a network, homogeneous to other offerings – but a location to share portfolio insights, place market orders, and be rewarded as well.

As we slowly reach beyond Web 2.0 — the age of user-generated content and interoperability — investFeed looks to use blockchain technology to be in the Vanguard of Web 3.0 development. The development of its singular gateway to the market seeks to reward users who contribute towards its common goals of transparency and democracy. The unmediated distribution of content combined with user interactivity allows investFeed to not only exist as a project teeming with innovation, but as a model for the future.

FEED the People

As mentioned before, investFeed wishes to reward their user base that not only looks to contribute, but grow the entire network as a whole. This is why investFeed is integrating the FEED token — to reward and incentivize professionals and nonprofessionals alike who produce content that builds and educates the community. These rewards will be awarded in the form of FEED tokens that grant users a certain amount of leverage on the platform.

The FEED token isn’t just being circulated for the development of the project — it also is a part of revolutionizing the user experience on the investFeed platform. The FEED token will allow users to access new features, and interact on the platform in brand new ways. This will be a key differentiator for the investFeed platform when compared with “standard” social networks. Typically on social networks such as Twitter, participants donate their time to contribute and validate information. However, on the investFeed platform, the FEED token will become the incentive and reward for the work that the community contributes to the platform.

Our Token Sale

Token Sales have gained significant momentum because of their ability to support distributed applications and open source development teams. The investFeed Token Sale will allow the acceleration of product development, while promoting developer adoption and network growth. The general token sale started on July 23rd, 2017 at 9AM UTC and will end either when our hard cap of 28,000 ETH has been reached, or on August 7th, 2017 at 9AM UTC.


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Gregory Rocco, Editor in chief.