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  • Introducing Brickblock: A First-of-its-kind Blockchain-based Investment Platform

Introducing Brickblock: A First-of-its-kind Blockchain-based Investment Platform

  • by Christian Nathler
  • August 3, 2017
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The volatility of the crypto space in recent years has made buying, trading, and holding cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets in this new economy incredibly risky.

As new players pour money into the sector, the speculative, whimsical, and sometimes manipulative nature of the market has made it a gamble more so than a sound investment.

That’s why Brickblock is developing a platform for investors to diversify their portfolio by connecting their crypto assets with real-world assets and simultaneously hedge against the crypto market’s volatility. Its blockchain-based asset management platform allows one to invest their cryptocurrency or other crypto assets in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Real Estate Funds (REFs), passive Coin-Traded Funds (CTFs) and active Coin-Managed Funds (CMFs).

Brickblock’s service will be facilitated through the blockchain and validated by Ethereum’s smart contracts, though the invested cryptocurrencies are not dependent on the functioning of the Ethereum platform or its price. This will void many of the fees and transaction costs associated with traditional financial institutions, makes transactions more secure and transparent than existing investment platforms, and significantly reduces the barrier of entry for many people around the world excluded from the financial sector based on income or location.

Once an investment option has been chosen and the self-executing smart contract confirms the transaction, the investor receives Proof of Asset tokens that represent the shares of the real-world assets they now own. Tokenizing the assets makes them versatile trading instruments (including outside of the Brickblock platform) and transactions even more secure.

On August 2, 2017, Brickblock will launch a five-day Brickblock Token (BBT) pre-sale. These BBT tokens generate weekly Access tokens which are used to pay fees on the Brickblock platform. Since Brickblock fees can only be paid in Access Tokens, the more Brickblock Token holders get the more the BBT tokens are worth. Note that Brickblock and Access tokens are not the Proof-of-Asset tokens one receives when investing in ETFs, REFs, CTFs and CMFs. The first phase of Brickblock’s token sale will offer 1000 BBT per ETH on the first day and end at 900 BBT per ETH by the fifth day. The second phase will start either at the end of September or beginning of October.

If you want to ask questions directly with the team please join it’s official telegram chat:

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Christian is a freelance writer and editor whose expertise ranges from long-form feature articles to commercial copy writing, op-eds, German to English translation, and editorial direction. He graduated from Ryerson University’s School of Journalism in Toronto and has been living in Berlin since 2013.