impak Coin Challenges the Economic Status Quo

  • by Eamon Leonard
  • July 11, 2017
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Impak Coin ICO Crowd

Launch of the first cryptocurrency dedicated to the social impact economy

Impak Finance Inc., the Canadian Fintech company famous for raising over $1M in its equity crowdfunding campaign last October (and creating thousands of ambassadors for its project) announces the public pre-sale of impak Coin (MPK). impact Coin is the first cryptocurrency dedicated to the social impact economy. This pre-sale is scheduled to begin on July 25, 2017 at

“We want to mobilize those in the international community who wish to create an alternative to the dominant economic model. It is time to bring together citizens, businesses and investors worried about the current state of the planet to create an economic alternative – that takes into account not only financial profitability, but also the positive impact on our collective well-being. As an organization 100% dedicated to the growth of the impact economy, we appeal to, among others, followers of cryptocurrencies to join us – as far as I know, they want to change the world, too!” said Paul Allard, CEO at Impak Finance.

impak Coin, a cryptocurrency for a better world

Cryptocurrencies have existed for many years now. Yet, their usage is not widespread – they are mainly used by people driven by a desire for decentralization, control, censorship resistance, anonymity and speculation on profits. Most cryptocurrencies have in fact been designed to appeal to that same crowd, hence promoting even more to the same circle of people.

Impak Coin (MPK) is designed for a different crowd. This new generation cryptocurrency will provide an answer to the need for purpose, stability, positive social impact, ease of use and peace of mind. The software and governance of the whole project is aligned to meet these requirements. Since MPK targets a different crowd and has a different purpose, it had to be fundamentally different to be able to properly address those differences.

impak Coin aims to accelerate the interaction between citizens, investors and entrepreneurs in this new virtual space dedicated to the social impact economy, called Impak Coin combines the advantages and functionalities of complementary currencies, recognition programs, and new cryptocurrencies. Based on blockchain technology, it is stable, safe and more energy efficient than many other digital currencies. Designed for everyday use, transactions within the impak ecosystem are free for both merchants and customers. By rewarding user participation in the ecosystem with impak Coins, we ensure that all actors in the ecosystem become winners and continue to grow the impact economy.

This project is carried out in close collaboration with technical and legal experts from the world of cryptocurrencies and has been developed in accordance with our values of transparency, collaboration and citizen participation. impak Coin is the first cryptocurrency designed to support the growth of the impact economy.

The best of both worlds

impak Coin:

  1. Is built on a decentralized technology called the Waves Platform:
    • No single point of failure
    • Transparent
    • Immutable transaction ledger
    • Has a centralized governance body to accomplish the following:
  • Ensure accessibility of impak Coin to every citizen wishing to support the impak project
  • Ensure protection of end users by easing the burden of private key management
  • Ensure a stable price and isolate the MPK from any speculation to avoid money laundering and malicious usage of the impak Coin

About the impak Coin ICO

The bonus structure is as follows:

July 25-31 : 25% bonus presale for those with VIP code

August 1-2 : 20% bonus

August 3-August 17: 15% bonus

August 18-31 : 10% bonus

About Impak Finance

Impak Finance is a startup company about to create a new 100% digital Canadian chartered bank. Impak Finance is a Fintech entirely dedicated to the development of the impact economy, a fast-growing sector. It proposes to radically change the way citizens and organizations collaborate and transact by building an ecosystem called that connects investors, businesses and Citizens sharing the same social values.

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Eamon Leonard, Community Architect for Impak Finance, was an impact entrepreneur before the term was coined, inventing projects and business models that leverage profitability to create a positive impact on society. He is passionate about supporting other impact entrepreneurs, and always welcomes a chat about how to make social impact in the business world.