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ICODAO: Enter the Future of Trading with the Master Coin Investment Manager


ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings have become a fast-growing way for small disruptive companies to gather funds. With the use of blockchain technology, ICO’s are being launched on an hourly basis and investors are rallying to invest in new ICOs. With the launch of each new ICO countless datasets are generated by supporters, these data sets can be very biased, creating a skewed view of the ICO and its future potential.

To make an educated investment decision an investor needs to sift through all this data, understand what the ICO is about and how it has been received by the ICO community. The ICODAO platform gives investors the tools to make educated investment decisions. The ICODAO fund will include the option to participate in our own algorithmic fund, based on a machine learning core system that will invest your money for you.

ICODAO platform

The ICODAO platform works as a hub that gathers data from various sources, to structure, clean and present the data to the investors. The platform has an integrated trading desk that also allows investors to set up trades at any given moment in time. In Addition, the platform will give support to companies that want to launch an ICO on the ICODAO platform, giving investors the home-based advantage.

ICODAO fund mechanics

Members will receive profits based on the returns of the underlying investments in ICO’s. The investments are made by A.I., that combines the large volumes of data from the ICODAO platform to make rapid decisions. The A.I. will be maintained by the ICODAO team incorporating new and sophisticated algorithms and data sets. Each investor will have a dashboard with data and charts of ICOs and a suggestions feed on ICO’s that the ICODAO – A.I. is currently analysing.

With ICOs being launched on an hourly basis, the task of predicting the future success is growing more and more difficult. Especially, because the predictions are based on numerous sources of information. Mainly on the author’s profiles, the social network data, the historical data, the aim of the project etc., this makes the human analysis more and more impossible and calls for an agile and scalable IT solution. ICODAO is fast and reliable; with the inspiration from people with financial expertise, ICODAO uses approaches that have been proven to be successful on the traditional financial markets and adapt them into the fast growing ICO market.

With deep learning algorithms beating humans in complex pattern recognition challenges, we are confident in the ability of this technology to accomplish the tasks set by the ICODAO. By using self-learning bots, we make the fund a constantly evolving, learning and improving system. This leads to more strategic investing and trading decisions backed by the knowledge collected all the way from the white paper to the launch.

We use blockchain technology for multiple reasons. Most importantly, we understand that when it comes to investments, trust is completely fundamental. Thanks to blockchain technology all transactions are public. This gives investors real-time transparency, and creates the ability to see the performance of their investments. Moreover, the transaction costs are minimal and the processing time for transactions is extremely short.

Benefits for investors

By using a unique fund structure, the investments are pooled to back the most relevant ICO’s. This gives investors the benefit of huge margins made by our A.I. trading system. Over time the accuracy of the A.I. will increase, which in turn will increase the returns on the investments over time whilst simultaneously reducing risk. Due to the automatic analysis and trading of the A.I. the ICODAO fund will have relatively low fees in comparison to traditional asset managers.

ICODAO Token (ICOX) Data

Supply during ICO 1 Billion ICOX
50% Token Launch
15% Retained by ICODAO
15% R&D Fund
10% Founding Team
10% Early Backers

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with a master in electrical engineering and a specialisation in AI, Alex has worked on numerous high tech projects. First project launch was the Ariso couple combining wireless power transfer with AI algorithms to make the highest transfer rates possible. Due to his curiosity on the application of AI and data mining Alex was project lead on data stream integrations in one of the biggest family owned asset managers in the Netherlands before moving to London to become project lead in the ICODAO.