• by Susan Poole
  • July 7, 2017
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Susan Poole Brings You the Latest Insights on ICO


ONE MINUTE QUICKFIRE: Explain ICO, Token, Asset, Ether, Crowdsale, Blockchain – GO! Okay if you can’t tell your family what all of those are (yes, they’ll be asking you…) – then you’ll want to join me here every month at ICO Masterminds. ICO Masterminds is my new monthly column that will bring you into the inner world of ICO Masterminds – those who are right now leading the ICO and Token revolution.


What if you had known more about the internet’s potential right when it was just taking off? Wouldn’t you want to engage with the global innovators at that early point in time? Well this time, with ICO, you can do exactly that, have your chance to connect and be part of the most cutting-edge experience of Successful ICO best practices. Wait, Susan, aren’t you Susan Poole from the Blockchain industry? You may have that question… and the answer is yes. Blockchain technology has been at the forefront of the genesis of ICO’s. And with that, many ICO Masterminds are coming from the blockchain and digital currency space. If you truly want to be part of the ICO movement then you’ll want to get the insights on ICO, Token creation, Token distribution, crowdsales, whitepapers, and foundation technologies of blockchain and digital currency.

Who are these ICO Masterminds? The global leaders in ICO: VC’s, ICO Innovators, ICO Finance, ICO Legal Minds – the revolutionaries who have rolled up their sleeves and made their mark in ICO’s. Get their “ICO Lessons Learned” and best insights when you join me here every month at ICO Masterminds, part of ICO Crowd Magazine. And you’ll be able to connect – what do you want to know from these minds… connect with me at

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Susan Poole is an Advisor to ICO Crowd Magazine and produces the column “ICO Masterminds”. Susan Poole is the Founder of blockchain company BlockBridge Advisory, and Co-Founder of the new Blockchain Training Institute, providing innovative blockchain training, executive roundtables, and blockchain workshops. Susan is also an Advisor to Mooti, the Blockchain Digital Identity Startup for self-sovereign identity.
Susan was Director of Development for the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the trade association for blockchain & digital assets, based out of Washington DC. Prior to blockchain, Susan Poole held new market leadership roles at Microsoft International, VMware APAC, HP and startups.
In 2017, Susan was invited to and participated in Satoshi Roundtable, the annual event with bitcoin & blockchain experts from around the world.
Susan is also a known speaker on Blockchain, Blockchain & IOT, and has spoken at worldwide blockchain and bitcoin events.