ICO, Key to Democratizing Other Asset Classes

  • by Alan Friedland
  • July 15, 2017
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Compcoin ICO Crowd

Compcoin was launched with a $45 million ICO, kicking off what changes the way that investors buy and sell financial assets – using artificial intelligence (A.I.) and blockchain decentralized network.

The Compcoin token is focused on investing and growing capital, not on transacting. Compcoin can be hold and acquired to leverage as an alternative investment vehicle,  similar to other financial asset classes like stocks, bonds, commodities. Compcoin accesses investors grant to ART, Fintech Investment Group’s proprietary, automated money management system, which is initially targeting forex investors. (FORex Exchange; trading in currencies)

ART uses machine learning, predictive analytics and decades of trading data, to build an A.I. algorithm that manages asset classes. Previously, those technologies were only available to hedge funds, large pension funds, major insurance companies, global banks and elite, accredited investors.

ART’s outstanding success rate delivered quarterly returns of minimum 10%. Significantly higher than the average ROI for retail traders (10% ROI per year). Once traders begin experiencing increased returns on their portfolios through ART, the demand for Compcoin can outgrow the limited supply of 10 million coins, thus increasing the value of each coin for long-term investors and speculators.

Trading patterns are predictable. ART analyzes market conditions, compares them to positive outcomes from similar past scenarios, and executes high success rated trades. By executing trades based on historical data and predicted behaviors, ART takes away the guesswork and emotional mistakes that can derail even the most concrete investing strategies.

What does this mean for investors?

Traditional investing is the tip of the iceberg for Compcoin and ART. Asset classes such as commodities, precious metals, and crypto-currencies leave behind tell-tale trading patterns that ART’s intelligence can perceive but other experienced human traders or trading technologies might miss. Surely we could have released ART to the trading public and done quite well with licensing, transaction and subscription fees. But we have a vision for the future of financial asset trading that’s decentralized, democratized and creates a level playing field for all investors.

Already, blockchain is used as a ledger to record transactions and preserve information. However, some see it as both the foundation and raw materials for building the next version of the Internet. Visionary companies are building operating systems and applications on top of blockchain to increase its functionality and take advantage of its stability, processing, storage, encryption and other capabilities. The innovator Compcoin has created its own proprietary blockchain.

Financial trading on the blockchain means greater transparency, accessibility, control over investments and potentially lower fees by cutting out the middlemen. The power to create wealth is placed back in the hands of the everyday investor, and blockchain will be the catalyst for that momentous shift.

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Alan Friedland, Founder, Fintech Investment Group