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  • Humaniq – First Humanitarian ICO, Blockchain and Financial Inclusion

Humaniq – First Humanitarian ICO, Blockchain and Financial Inclusion

  • by Dinis Guarda
  • July 6, 2017
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Innovative technologies have fostered the emergence of the P2P economy, mostly driven by digital platforms and partly by crypto currencies. The strength and opportunity of a P2P based economy is it´s effect of shaking and shifting the very internal conventional foundations of economics, as we have known it for over the past 100 years. An important part of the global phenomena of the P2P economy is the recent emergence of the crypto economy, particularly its innovative concept of ICOs (Initial Coin Investment).

Launched in the end of 2016, Humaniq has been working to provide mobile finance for 3 billion unbanked or underbanked people, globally through its mobile app and token HMQ. Humaniq aims to develop an open source, fully stacked API that will be available for startups and other third parties, enabling them to build services using the Humaniq technology; ths will make it easy to adapt their services with the Humaniq network to reach a huge, untapped audience.

Humaniq has built its business footprint through an ICO in an effort to sustain an organisation focused on building a humanitarian capitalism and fostering financial inclusion, by using blockchain for good. The Humaniq ICO, considered to be the first fully humanitarian focused Initial Coin Offering (ICO), ran from April 6, 2017 through to April 27, 2017. It raised USD $5,163,000. The amount raised during its public crowd sale was significant, providing the organisation with a budget for the execution of the plan drafted in the Humaniq white paper.

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Dinis Guarda is the CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Board of Directors, for Humaniq.
Dinis created,, and
He is the author of the following books:
The Next Tsunami: Blockchain plus AI and IOT, Kiwai Media, 2017.
How To Map Who You are, Intelligenthq Editions, Amazon, 2016.
Innovating in a Forever Recession, Intelligenthq Editions, Amazon, 2016.

He created the project a new art and museums digital platform with Adriana Rouanet and Iggy Bassi. He is also co-founder of the project BlockchainAge – a blockchain research and tech – digital / influencer platform, book and film – with Derin Cag, Jochen Heussner and Romain Witonski. He is a guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Group INSEEC – Monaco University, where he leads the digital master course in London, and an active speaker and author in conferences and other educational events and workshops.