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How to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology? With online games of course!

The world currently sits on the cusp of a blockchain revolution. There is a growing desire for people around the world to free themselves from the shackles of authoritarian single points of failure and democratise and decentralize the money system. We will redefine how we perceive value. 2017 was a significant milestone for the world of crypto as Bitcoin hit an all-time high of just under $20,000 US dollars each.

The parabolic rise of bitcoin ushered in a wave of ICOs that were seeking to raise money for vaporware ideas with very little substance behind them.

Many investors paid a heavy price for their poor decisions fuelled by FOMO without doing the proper research. The crypto market is still suffering because of these scam ICOs. Most crypto experts agree that the next bull run will only occur when real blockchain products with actual use cases start to emerge. The gaming market seems ripe for this to happen.

The first real serious attempt at creating a blockchain gaming experience was with Cryptokitties. Cryptokitties is a simple game where you collect unique and non-fungible imaginary cats. Their unique features are what give them their value in ETH. After its launch Cryptokitties became hugely popular and almost dragged down the Ethereum Super Computer. What Cryptokitties showed is that there is real demand for blockchain technology in the world of gaming.

A lot of online games already have their own unique and proprietary economic systems. Generally, when players delete their account, fail to keep up their subscription or simply leave, all the in game digital assets are lost. This is an issue across the gaming industry as gamers struggle to get back into a game and must do all the work again to keep up with the current meta. With blockchain technology we can change this system. We can enable players to retain full ownership of their in-game assets and trade them on whatever platform they wish using immutable distributed ledgers. They can maintain an accurate list of all transactions made using a specific item. Here are the key features that a system such as this can bring:

Immutable Ledger with Historical Game Events
Consider a gaming world containing a complete history and timeline of events backed by a distributed immutable ledger. One that records players choices that permanently affect the game. New players could consult past battle oracles and make their own adventures memorable. The blockchain can permanently record this information and create a seamless gaming experience.

Personal Item ownership – by the player not the gaming company.
By utilizing smart contracts, gamers can now store their own in-game digital assets and trade them as they see fit. New users would have the ability to buy their own legendary items directly from their favourite players and streamers creating a secondary market that would not be possible without the use of blockchain technology.

Item Rarity and Uniqueness certifiable by blockchain.
No longer will users be able to hack items and make dupes of legendaries with the advent of distributed ledger technology. The system is essentially tamper proof and it is append only. Once a unique non-fungible item is stored the system will automatically dismiss dupes at the time of block generation. This functionality will add to the authentic and unique genuine online gaming experience for every player.

Upgrade system based on Unique Item Interactions
Imagine a game where a player receives a basic machine gun. As he performs certain actions such as defeating a certain boss with it, these actions are stored on the blockchain as upgrades to the item. Once the player has reached a certain level he can offload it to someone newer in the game who could use it once again to fight an epic battle. If we look at several changes of ownership up the line and the weapon could end up with legendary status as it has fought so many epic foes.

What games out there are planning to implement these features? One such game is DECIMATED: The first Online Survival Game based on a blockchain economy.

The game starts in a grim future, a post-apocalyptic world where you must choose which side you are on. On one side are the humans who run rampant on the wastelands of our ruined planet Earth. On the other side are the Cyborg Cops who enforce the law on those attempting to destabilize the small remnants of civilization that remain.  Whatever side you choose you are able to buy and sell items, perform upgrades and make multiple customisations via a cryptocurrency known as DIO.

The game has in built scarcity for items. This allows users to make valuable discoveries in the game, unique to them that can have a direct impact on the real world due to the cryptocurrency DIO which can be traded on exchanges like other digital stores of value. If the system proves popular it is quite feasible that we will someday see players making this game a full-time job.

The game incentivises the human side to scavenge and pillage the world to receive rewards. The Cyborg Cops can band together to bring these rogue humans to justice to achieve individual rankings and items for doing so. Players can set up their own online shop to sell virtual items such as armours, weapons and construction equipment. The prices will be determined through the free market and the principle of supply and demand. Gamers can also monitor their shop from a dedicated mobile app to actively continue trading even when they do not have access to a PC.  

DECIMATED is a game backed by a dedicated team who have worked on critically acclaimed games like “Injustice 2”, “Star Citizen” and “Batman Arkham Origins”, there are still opportunities on the table for everyone who wants to join in this race, but the Decimated team have a head start and impressive industry experience.

Gamers wanting to participate in this project can do so by registering for the ongoing private sale of DIO tokens that is running till the 31st of October 2018. Currently the price of each token is pegged at 0.05 EUR however this peg will be removed when DIOs start being freely traded on crypto exchanges.

Head over to for more details.

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