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A New Limitless Blockchain Protocol Gaming Platform Means Emerging

Markets Are Now Poised for Growth

Host.Games envisions a massive opportunity for entrepreneurship in the arena of hosting online games.
AUGUST 28, 2018​ – A new blockchain protocol platform provides an API allowing developers to create
professional games with nearly limitless creativity.
“The idea is to combine the freedom of Uber and the creativity of Zynga into an environment where
friends can engage in games of skill and even make some money,” shares Amit Kanodia, CEO of
The economic ecosystem revolves around the Host Token, the digital coin honored across the platform by
players, hosts, and developers. Gig-economy enthusiasts and self-starters will embrace the simplicity and
fun designed into the platform.
Why hosted games?
Business-minded individuals can invite their friends and acquaintances via social networks to upcoming
games and events, outlining what games will be played according to which rules, and, how much is at
stake. Players can buy in to the games as they wish or play other games for free.
Developers are encouraged to bring creativity while remembering players will be interacting with their
friends in real life most the time.
A recent Medium article written by Host.Games took a closer look at why online gaming is social.
[ultimately link to Med publication]
Why the blockchain?
By using smart-contracts to address the primary pain points for monetizing games online, trust and
settlements, a new era of entrepreneurial spirit will be empowered. Without those hurdles, countless
people can take advantage of a new opportunity for managing an online business.
“Our platform unleashes innovation, trust, freedom, and entrepreneurial spirit, combining the best
elements of technology for developers, hosts, and players,” says Amit. “We couldn’t be more excited
about, or focused on, our future.”
About ​Host.Games​:
Host.Games has introduced a new age of entrepreneurial gaming opportunity with their blockchain
protocol platform for emerging markets.
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