HOQU – the Future of Marketing

It was said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. The monumental strides in technological development and advancement are changing the lives of billions on a daily basis. Commerce is one of the key sectors affected by the encroaching changes. Businesses are moving online, and as a result, the digital marketing industry is growing fast – by approximately 20% annually as more businesses introduce products and services onto the market, yearning to effectively and efficiently reach their target audiences.

The global advertising market is projected to reach a staggering $385 bln by 2020. Two of the main sectors of the internet marketing industry that are expected to benefit from the multifold growth are the performance marketing and affiliate marketing models, which will have grown from $46 to $183 bln by 2022. However, the bloating of figures comes at a dire price – efficiency.

Affiliate marketing traditionally requires the assistance of intermediaries or brokers – entities that act as third parties and determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through their efforts. Unfortunately, the brokerage model is highly susceptible to fraud, as there are multiple loopholes and opportunities for profiteering from advertisers’ who need to market their products and services to ever growing audiences. Advertisers routinely lose up to 45% of their advertising budgets to untrustworthy affiliates and scams, such as the unscrupulous shaving practice.

However, long-awaited change is on the horizon. HOQU is the revolutionary solution to the myriad issues of the industry. The project team, consisting of hardened industry experts and top blockchain technology specialists, has developed a platform based on the public Ethereum blockchain, that employs comprehensive smart contracts to connect advertisers and affiliates directly, eliminating the need for third parties altogether.

HOQU is more than just a platform, it is an ecosystem designed to enable the launch of decentralized, blockchain-based marketing platforms. In doing so, it cuts costs, lifts transparency to unprecedented levels and boosts productivity in digital marketing for all participants of the industry, regardless of their position and for mutual benefit.

HOQU is set to usher the next generation of advertising as the internet’s first decentralized platform for online affiliate marketing “the future of marketing”, as the project has already been heralded by top industry professionals. Using smart contracts and blockchain technology, HOQU’s platform ensures advertising budget cost-effectiveness and guarantees fair pay to hard-working affiliates. With its innovative approach and the use of advanced technologies, HOQU is set to occupy 4% of the internet advertising market in the coming five years as its proprietary project HQX token Pre-Sale starts on November 13, 2017.

Blockchain technology is the cornerstone of HOQU’s projected success. Any novel technology seeking to become profitable, first and foremost, must prove its worth and value to average people, to have any chance of competing against conventional established approaches and services. Blockchain has already found multiple applications in the world of finance and other industries as a reliable method of ensuring impervious and transparent information storage and transactions, cutting costs and increasing operational efficiency to new heights. The use of dedicated HQX Tokens on the HOQU platform ensures the self-contained nature of the ecosystem and convenience of operation for its users. With its ease of exchange to other cryptocurrencies and given the limited amount within the HOQU platform ecosystem, HQX Tokens are certain to achieve staggering price gains as the project is launched and its highly competitive features attract both users and significant asset turnover.

As professionals in the marketing industry, the team at HOQU understand that advertisers seek maximum efficiency and results for their investment. Unfortunately, in the contemporary advertising model only about 55% of a marketing budget is used to breed tangible outcomes, resulting in a colossal and unjustifiable waste of funds. By eliminating the need for intermediaries and providing a transparent and comprehensive scoring model of affiliates, based on their reputation within the platform ecosystem, HOQU grants advertisers a more efficient marketing model, saving them valuable resources.

Advertisers also have to be able to trust the affiliates and affiliate networks they work with. With blockchain technology, the fraud factor is negated entirely. The decentralized nature of the platform means that one compromised machine does not impact the security of the rest of the network. Advertisers can access data on a multitude of networks from their user accounts, simplifying work with different affiliates, and increasing the scope of their activities.

Affiliates will also benefit from the HOQU platform as delayed payouts and opaque deals, so common on conventional marketing platforms, become history. HOQU provides protection through its transparent smart contracts designed to identify the fairest offerings on the market. Using its own cryptocurrency and eliminating the need for financial intermediaries, such as banks, also means that HOQU can guarantee instant payouts for all platform participants.

The high costs associated with using marketing platforms are one of the major hurdles for affiliate networks as overcoming a conventional platform’s entry barriers is oftentimes an insurmountable cost. HOQU, conversely, is free of charge for affiliate networks and runs a groundbreaking decentralized web application on the servers. Traditional CPA networks operate on a 15 to 25% commission. HOQU operates on a 0.5% per transaction fee.

HOQU is also built to be integrated into marketing platforms everywhere in the world and is preparing to release a software development kit, making it easy for third-party marketing applications to be built or altered for integration into the HOQU ecosystem.

The advantages that advances in technology generate are self-evident and HOQU is no exception, as its meticulously crafted and user-friendly platform is meant to cater to all the ecosystem’s participants. Change often requires breakthroughs and the pioneering HOQU project is set to be a guiding star of the marketing industry for years to come.

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