Global REIT


Symbol GRET
Token sale opening date 1. Jun 2018
Token sale closing date 30. Jun 2018
Concept Vision of Global REIT is to create a global real estate investment portfolio that will offer additional benefits than a traditional REIT by intertwining REITs to the Block Chain Technology. Global REIT will begin its investor offering at its home base in Dubai, U.A.E. and then rapidly expand worldwide. The company sees cryptocurrency investors who want to simultaneously invest in real estate and earn regular dividends and, real estate holders seeking to exit into a liquid market anchored by cryptocurrency, as their key targets for participation on the Global REIT platform.


Members Ali Tumbi – Founder

Paul Christodoulou – Chief Operating Officer

Vijay D Vyas – Director Acquisitions (India)

Behzad Khan – Chief Financial Advisor

Muhammad Waseem – Blockchain Developer

Babar Ahmed – Chief Technology Advisor

Vladimir Nikitin – Strategic ICO Advisor

Nikolay Shkilev – ICO Advisor


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