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  • GastroAdvisor: The first global recommendation platform for restaurants and dining venues based on the Ethereum blockchain.

GastroAdvisor: The first global recommendation platform for restaurants and dining venues based on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • by Alessandro Meo
  • July 21, 2018
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Have you ever been disappointed with a restaurant the internet recommended you? Have you ever been annoyed with the long list of uncountable restaurants making it hard to choose where to eat? If the answer is yes, then we have the solution for you!

GastroAdvisor (GA) is a registered trademark born in Switzerland in 2016. Thanks to the participation of several locales, we aim to create a platform for research, recommendation and booking of restaurants and food places around the world. We are working together with users to create high quality, transparent and trustworthy information.

Over two years of research have been accomplished for the development of a prototype and an Alpha version, which can solve the problems related to the online gastronomic sector and give effective solutions to users and restaurants. The advantage of our platform is that it is intuitive, simple to use and offers users the ability to communicate and describe their experiences through reviews, certified by Blockchain technology. Therefore, we have created a token called FORK. The FORK token will have a concrete use and will be the means by which users can book, take advantage of bonuses and reviews.

Any user, by registering on the platform, will have access to their own wallet (integrated) with tokens and then be able to use the functions of the platform. The platform will show the equivalent value of the tokens in FIAT, which will vary according to market dynamics. GA is creating an economy based on Ethereum technology that connects users and restaurateurs with a reward and payment system (p2p). GastroAdvisor wants to help people all over the world to easily find restaurants that match their personal tastes, also facilitating the gastronomic activities in the search for new customers through the expansion on the web market.

Currently GastroAdvisor is discussing with prestigious food companies to conclude collaboration agreements. Thousands of companies will be able to take advantage of the “Reward” system by detecting the page on the site, activating the online booking service and accepting the payment through FORK.

The GastroAdvisor’s token (FORK) will be used as a reward for users who, through booking and making reviews, will contribute to the GA community. Rewards will be given to restaurateurs who will be affiliated, contributing to accurate information and subsequently accepting the token as a means of payment. You can purchase FORK by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. The number of FORK tokens held will be displayed in the user’s dashboard. The tokens will be sent successively from a Smart Contract to the user’s registered ERC20 wallet. On the dashboard the user can choose whether to keep tokens within the GA platform or transfer them to their personal ERC20 wallet. Contributors will be able to purchase via Ethereum from any ERC20 wallet via the address that the dashboard generates after the registration. The tokens will be credited immediately.

Token Supply details

  • Token total: 200,000,000 (Finite supply)
  • Tokens distributed during Crowd sale: 100,000,000 (50%)
  • GastroAdvisor EcoSystem (Rewards): 40,000,000 (20%)
  • Token Holder 10,000,000 (5%)
  • Bounty: 4,000,000 (2%)
  • Marketing: 10,000,000 (5%)
  • Advisor: 10,000,000 (5%)
  • Team: 26,000,000 (13%)

Users from anywhere in the world can add new restaurants, update company information, edit and add information. All these changes and data will first be analyzed by an internal software that will verify the information, subsequently it will also be verified and validated by the GA staff. Through the GastroAdvisor platform, the information of the gastronomic activities will constantly be monitored and updated in real time by users and restaurants. Like this, the GA platform will be able to grow and adapt to market changes. This solves the problem of false information about restaurants and will allow us to expand our service around the world. The search results are customized for each user, which means that even if you search the same area for the same kind of restaurant you might receive different results. User`s actions are then utilized by the artificial intelligence to provide each user with feedback, regarding restaurants and search results based on personal preference.

The GastroAdvisor team has studied simple and intelligent solutions which are secure and transparent. Therefore, the platform allows you to review a place with three different modes of certification:

For all three modes, the reviews will be based only on individual 1-5 star ratings and a score of 1 to 10 for cooking, environment and service.

-Classical review – BRONZE CERTIFICATE

After the registration, anyone can review any place and give their opinion, but the weight of the evaluation on the global vote will be more important and decisive based on the degree of seniority and quality of content previously entered.

-Certified review- SILVER CERTIFICATE

When a user makes a reservation, the restaurateur confirms its truthfulness, the platform will issue a notification on the profile, communicating the possibility of writing a review with a silver certificate. This type of review easily excludes false reviewers, providing users with excellent reviews which are very reliable.

–  Blockchain Verified Review- GOLD CERTIFICATE

GastroAdvisor creates the first certified gourmet review via blockchain, this feature will only be activated for restaurateurs who will accept the FORK Token and other digital currencies as a method of payment.

A percentage of the created tokens will be reserved for FORK token holders.

What is GABS?
GABS (GastroAdvisorBonusScore) is a system that will allow you to receive a monthly percentage of FORK tokens, based on your GABS score.

How to mature the GABS score?
The GABS score will be derived from the following formula:

FORK total in your wallet multiplied(X) number of days they have been in the wallet (X) number of content pieces posted on the platform by the user.

Example of GABS calculation:
500,000 FORK’s x 2 days on your dashboard x 2 content pieces inserted = 2,000,000 GABS

GABS levels:
GABS number between 1 million and 4,999,999 million: 2% of tokens in the wallet will be paid.

GABS number between 5 million and 9,999,999 million: 3% of tokens in the wallet will be paid.

GABS number between 10 million 19.999.999 million: 4% of tokens in the wallet will be paid.

GABS number over 20 million: 5% of tokens in the wallet will be paid.

Holding FORK tokens will then automatically increase the number of GABS, with which you will be entitled to the quarterly distribution of tokens (Token Holder) and in the future to special discounts and promotions made available by the GA platform.

Accumulate points, level up, redeem your tokens, contribute with your information, book and recommend other online users.

Classic review: 1FORK

Certified review: 5FORK

Blockchain certified review: 10 FORK

Add photos / videos: 2FORK

Add / correct local information: 1FORK

Add venue: 2FORK

Image insertion:  1FORK

Video Input: 2FORK

Recipe Input: 4FORK

Detect page and manage information: 150FORK

Activate online booking:  300FORK

Acceptance at cash desk: 500FORK

Receiving certified Silver review: 5FORK

Receiving certified review with blockchain: 10FORK

GastroAdvisor is launching a simple Bounty program for users who want to support the development of the GA platform. It will be open at the end of our crowd sale. Participants will find a link generator on the GA platform to create a personalized link in order to share it on their blogs or social channels. Each participant will have a certain amount of FORK based on the number of users coming from their connection in a given period.

The ratings of the rewards will amount 5% of new users coming from the analytics report, so if the participant’s link reaches 100 users, it will receive 5 FORK, 1000 users will receive 50 FORK and if it reaches 5000 users it will receive 250 FORK. From the analytics campaign, each address in the portfolio can request a maximum of 250 FORK.

The collection (Pre-ICO / ICO) will be managed by GastroAdvisor. and the token will perform its functions within the blockchain in the manner described above. The collection will take place through a user interface (dashboard) by paying Ethereum / Bitcoin / Fiat to an address generated personally to each user (more information on the official website and official communication channels).

The minimum funding cap is 1,000,000 (1 million) Euros, the minimum base needed to start the project. If the collection is less than 1,000,000 (1 million) Euro, all donations will be returned to the addresses from which they were made.

  • The “token holder” concept has been explained as per the Whitepaper, but it will probably be modified and made simpler.

If we have caught your interest, learn more about GastroAdvisor on our website
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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