From lorry driver to crypto investor

If there’s one thing the crypto and blockchain age has made mainstream, perhaps it’s a widespread recognition of the truly fluid nature of money and the ease with which money can be created with the right mix of tools and ingredients.

The public has woken up to new investing opportunities and is hungry for a chance to make money work for them, as they tire of insignificant percentage increases on their bank savings.

For Wayne Lewin, a lorry driver who was more than ready for change, hitching his wagon to investing opportunities heralded by the blockchain era, has brought more than a new lease on life.

“The driving force behind me wanting to be an entrepreneur was an accident in the wagon I had 2 years ago,” he says. 

“On my way to Tyne, a car driver who was on his phone ran into my wagon at 90 mph and nearly killed himself.

“I was injured in the accident, but work made me stay with the wagon and sleep in it overnight until I had driving time to be able to make it back home.

“I ended up having to take a month off work without pay that nearly resulted in losing the house and getting into debt. 

“See, as a wagon driver you’re just a bum in a seat, a number, and that’s how I was treated. So, I went in search of something for me,” Lewin said.

His journey into entrepreneurship began with a foray into network marketing, but he soon found that it wasn’t the right match, as “health care aloe products with a saturated market just didn’t work.”

When he came across Kuvera, a company offering crypto mining, trading, and investment opportunities, he says, “it suited me to the ground.”

In the past, quality investment opportunities and expert investing advice have often been reserved for high net worth clients, but this is changing.

New market entrants are rushing to fill the void as firms offering better returns than the banks enter the market in full force.
And it’s about time that suppliers recognise and capitalise on the surplus of public demand waiting to be filled. enlightening

Lewin says, “we started on the 14th of December and six months later we moved to France and gave up our jobs.”

With no prior knowledge of how the crypto industry worked, Lewin and his partner delved into the world of blockchain, crypto mining and trading.

Things kicked off for Lewin in the New Year, “we bought our first mining pack and got some really good results, so we decided to compound the packs adding a new pack every month to a point where we were making nearly $2,000 a month from it.

“I’d always had a bit of an interest in crypto and investments but just no idea where to start, so Kuvera who I’m with now, gave ordinary people access to products and investments that ordinary people could use to make money without having to learn to trade or be an expert.”

He says Kuvera also offer a crypto bonus where you can get paid for advising people on the benefits of different packs.

“I now show and teach a large team of people the skills I’ve learnt to help them earn the same sort of life I have. 

“We now have over a hundred people in our team for which we get paid a residual income every month alongside the mining, bonuses and forex alerts we receive.

“We have guys in our team working their way out of their jobs as we speak, so the satisfaction of helping others get the same as we have is awesome,” Lewin says.

Launching into the world of crypto, he says, has changed not just his life, but his mindset: “the self-development alone has changed me into a strong minded, motivated person who didn’t exist before all this.
“I’ve read more books and attended more training than I ever did at school because this excites me.
“Having likeminded people around also helps as there’s no negativity anywhere in my life now.”

But the biggest life change, he says, has come through having financial freedom to “come and go as I please and work my business around my life and not the other way around.

“We now live in France, in the countryside, with no neighbours or roads, and the peace and quiet is unbelievable at helping to make you feel grounded. We now have deer in the garden and owls nesting in the barn. We’re not stuck in traffic and in the rat race.”

But life wasn’t always like this, Lewin’s background had always been in the driving and transport industry, “following in my dad’s footsteps you might say. 

“My dad was a driving instructor, so he taught me to drive, my first job was delivering hire cars for Alamo rent a car which was amazing at 17,” Lewis explains.

“After a few months of doing that, I wanted to work my way up to get a full license to drive everything, so I started on small vans delivering butchers supplies, which is still one of my favourite previous jobs. The guys were brilliant fun and I had a wagon to myself to drive around.

“It was at that point,” he says, “I met the woman who is now my ex and mother to my two boys.”

But with a small family and a modest wage, financial pressures meant his path would have to change, he became a bus driver; “so I could earn more to provide for my family.

“We never had a lot of money, but we were happy. We bought our first home – a little two-bedroom house with no heating – but we loved it. 

“Although, of course, you always want better, so I scored a job driving a concrete mixer which was amazing money. It led me to go for my class 1 license for wagons with trailers. My last job ever was delivering to home bargains stores. But now I’ve handed my notice and have never looked back,” he says.

So with his imminent success and a new life in the South of France, what’s his best advice for others looking for opportunities in the crypto space? 

“Do your research and plenty of it. Kuvera is one of only two companies in the world to be on the blockchain, fully audited, and on the New York stock exchange.”

The metrics for success in the investing and crypto space are much the same as they are when setting out to build a business in any industry, Lewin says it takes “consistency, as results only come from constantly improving your knowledge and skills in helping others.

“It also takes determination to solve problems and not let things get in your way, there’s always a solution for everything if you’re willing to look for it.

You have to take responsibility for your own work ethic as “no one is there to push you on or set your targets, it’s down to you.

“People skills also come into it, having to motivate and pass on knowledge in a way that another person will get the most from it.

“Having belief in yourself is a massive importance as the more you believe you will succeed the more it tends to happen,” Lewin says.

And while he’s learnt thousands of lessons over the course of his journey into entrepreneurship and crypto investing, he says the most important thing for him, “is that I’ve gone from having no real drive and determination to be successful, to being just that, and loving my passion for being the best at what I do. 

“I’ve realised I can do so much more than I ever thought I could, I don’t see problems anymore, just a way of finding solutions.”

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