Getting Some of That Value Back from Your Old Electronics.

How do we bring sustainability to E waste? How do we ensure rare earth and other scarce elements used in modern electronic devices we take for granted are available for our children? This is a very important issue not being addressed by anyone! Except for now.

Imagine a world where you can get back some value from the electronic device you purchased a few years back? Or if you are a manufacturer, get back your old product for recycling, providing feedstock for your new technology, a fully circular life cycle. Or a trader / processor engaged in the E waste market buying and selling materials internationally simplifying this down to the push of a button, being able to take care of all the previously complex time-consuming tasks involved in physical trading i.e. counterparty risk, shipping, banking, customs both ends, taxes, currency movements and not to forget the highly skilled staff.

E Waste coin is a cryptographic blockchain based technology. This will be the rock that provides stability throughout your global procurement process. No more complex calculations involved with various currencies for accounting profit and loss and no more currency hedging. The online portal will allow full management of the crypto currency and E waste procurement and management, giving the user the ability to supercharge business processes. The online marketplace allows for forward contract buying and selling, history of purchase and sales and naturally all commercially sensitive data will be fully controlled from the user interface.

Well, currently (in the UK) if I wanted to dispose an old mobile phone I could
post it to a company that would repair, sell and/or recycle. However, this company would pay you very little for the item in question. This payment will be nowhere near a second-hand market price for the device or the various rare earth materials inside the device. All that value would be lost! Now, if you were to dispose of the phone through the E Waste online platform, it would know all the materials that the phone was made from and pay you accordingly. This would be a paradigm shift from the current state of affairs.

Providing traceability and accountability to materials and business processes, is the key feature in cutting through the ever-changing global regulatory environment. Having the ability to trace the location of any E waste item in the real world, will allow data on this grey market to be compiled, leading to concrete figures on the amounts of various rare earth and scarce elements aboveground and in use. Thus, leading to a solid market platform & transparent price discovery.

Local Collection / Transport – Local Sorting / Storage / Inspection / Container stuffing – Shipping
All functions executed via a smart contract priced in E Waste currency. The online platform “E waste exchange” will contract directly with the shipping lines to streamline container booking, effectively operating as an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Owning Common Carrier), issuing its own shipping documents to streamline customs clearance and provide competitive pricing for the freight element of the sale, as pricing will be based on a pre-negotiated COA (contract of affreightment) with various shipping lines & trade routes. All consignments will be delivered on a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) basis.

The online platform will have several layers of function, with a suite of apps for each function:
• Driver app – employment for the “man with a van”, infinitely scalable providing on demand in house road logistics.
• Processor app – providing employment / materials for manual sorting and logging onto the system. Once inventoried and uploaded onto the exchange, the materials are available for purchase. Once a sale is executed, a container will arrive at the processor’s location; the processor will be fully instructed on packaging and presentation of E waste in the container, including inspection and labelling.
• E Waste database app – providing a comprehensive database of all E waste items including detailed information on the material makeup of the device in question, freely accessible via a trading account. It can also be available as a paid service for researchers, businesses, universities and governments (Naturally, all will be paid in E waste coin).

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