Everex – The Door to a World of Decentralisation

  • by Justin O’Connell
  • July 5, 2017
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Everex The Door to a World of Decentralisation

Everex is in the business of financial independence and inclusion. The Everex blockchain products that are in production will transform the lending, remittance and payments industries for the betterment of finance and people everywhere. An early adopter of Ethereum, Everex’s suite of products minimizes costs and trust, while maximizing transaction speed. It does this by connecting industries, that may otherwise be disconnected, with the use of blockchain technology.

Everex first began developing on Ethereum in еаrly 2015. Its projects include Chainy, Cryptocash, Ethplorer and Everex Wallet. The Everex suite enables users to trade tokens on the Ethereum Network, monitor ether-based capital, provide proof of existence on the blockchain, and much more.

Everex Fiat Remittance Pilot

Migrant workers will send home more than $450 billion through traditional remittance methods in 2017. That’s $45 billion in remittance fees. Everex can do this thanks to Ethereum blockchain technology at no cost, as demonstrated in the startup’s 2016 pilot.

Everex Wallet (

The Everex Wallet is a user friendly multi-currency, multi-asset trading wallet for Ethereum tokens. Unlike many Ethereum wallets, the Everex Transfer Wallet is available for mobile platforms, and can transfer any custom digital asset over the Ethereum blockchain. Downloads for the Everex Wallet app on the Google Play Store currently rest between 500-1000 and it stands at a 4.8/5 based on user feedback.

Everex Transfer wallet app ( is free and available for download in Android and online compatible versions.


Everex’s Cryptocash represents the digital version of contemporary national currencies. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, this digitized version of fiat currency can be exchanged for fiat currency. As with most Ethereum ERC-20 tokens, Cryptocash is already tradable on the Everex Wallet, third-party applications and exchanges.

Chainy (

Chainy provides irreplaceable blockchain URLS (‘aeon links’), permanent proof of existence for documents, and a public text message service on the Ethereum network. By using Ethereum smart contracts, Chainy solves the problem of hackers and malware operators phishing with malware-infected links.

Ethplorer (

Public blockchain networks and tools such as Ethplorer, an ERC-20 token explorer for the public Ethereum blockchain, enable users to monitor blockchain transactions. Using auditing tools, anyone can determine the cost of their transaction, the fees they have been charged, location of their digital assets, and more.


The need for credit tools in the blockchain space is clear. The fact that blockchain technology ensures accurate records and swift transactions, enables Everex to give lenders the information and confidence to lend to borrowers.

Everex uses blockchain technology to give investors confidence to lend specified amounts, until a credit system can be established.


Blockchain technology is borderless. Cryptocash, Everex’s aforementioned platform that places national currencies on the blockchain, makes it easier than ever for individuals to send the currency of their choice between countries.


Making use of blockchain’s immutability, Everex chose the ERC-20 standard for Cryptocash because it enables an unchangeable record of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Further, all information about transactions and credit history is visible and auditable to the public through tools such as

Transforming Cross-Border Finance, Serving the Unbanked

As a digital money transfer, lending and remittance service provider, Everex must design simple and secure products to send money.

The Everex Wallet allows users to transfer money between countries in a few minutes for free. (currently, Thailand-Russia, Myanmar-Thailand)

Everex, as one of the first companies to build applications on Ethereum, brings tested applications to the real world.

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Justin O’Connell is a Blockchain Researcher.