ERC875, the future of tokens on ethereum

  • by James Sangalli
  • June 29, 2018
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We have implemented ERC875 in our wallet, AlphaWallet, for a FIFA WC 2018 experiment. We have a few left over ticket vouchers and the first one to click and import the link below, will have their very own unique ticket as a souvenir! Get it hereGet it here

Follow us on twitter @alpha_wallet and tweet to us if you would like your own one 🙂

Create your own unique tokens with atomic swaps:

To create your own tokens simply use this website with metamask or a node:

Once you have created your own, you can begin sharing or even selling your token via links with our wallet!

What token will you create?

Some possibilities:

  • Raise funds for a charity dinner or your own venture
  • Create your own furry animals on chain
  • Issue your own unique ICO with customised shares and the ability to quickly and safely trade it with atomic swaps
  • and many, many more!
Create, distribute and sell your own tokens with a click of a button

Get the apps here and start distributing your tokens:



View the ERC and a contract implementation:

Example implementation


What are your thoughts on the future of non fungible tokens on Ethereum? Leave your comments below

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James Sangalli Co-Founder at Alphawallet.