The Empires of the Future are the Empires of the Mind

(Churchill’s words before a Harvard audience in 1943)

Indeed, Churchill’s vision is needed to see beyond the current angst about the application of securities laws to ICOs or heavy-handed Chinese officials banning token offerings outright.

Today, he would see the use of blockchain to create an impact, to create shared wealth in Africa, Latin America, India, South East Asia for one reason. As AOL founder Steve Case recently said, ‘An African proverb says: if you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far you go together.’

IT ALL STARTS WITH INCLUSION In that spirit, our story is one about inclusion, not by design but by necessity. Our mission is clear: to connect all citizens around the world to a network of centralized exchanges, allow
ing anyone to buy, sell, borrow, barter and save in traditional or virtual markets using a Token. The size of the investment doesn’t matter. Hedge funds seeking alpha in a total addressable market of $2.6 trillion can cohabitate with an African worker saving $3 a week. Harmony of contradictions.

Our blockchain journey started on March 3, 2016. We went through the code IBM had donated to the Hyperledger Foundation. Our team was a total of two. What we had was a bookkeeping system on a network of com
Indeed, Churchill’s vision is needed to see beyond the current angst about the application of securities laws to ICOs or heavy-handed Chinese officials banning token offerings outright.

puters, dense papers on treacherous Byzantine generals and 3 nodes eagerly waiting for instructions by chain code.
On May 8, 2016, we ran a test of the issuance of T-bills and bonds with the Central Bank of Somalia in Mogadishu. A second node made trades in London and D.C. and could audit the ledger whenever it suited them. Our first deal wasn’t Wall St. but Somalia. If we could make it there, we could make it anywhere.

The summer continued as we added a couple of nodes and included Israel as the next stop, a week before we were granted the green light to test in Lebanon. An American law firm helped us with compliance and sanctions, because that is just the way the blockchain community works.

Somehow this blockchain world was different. It reminded me of a story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The town of Macondo is very dull, just like blockchain bookkeeping, but once in a while, an outbreak of the supernatural stirs it all up. ‘What business are you in?’ soon was met with the answer ‘Magical Realism. You?’

We knew the blockchain worked. In December of 2016, we were privileged to meet a quiet team of gravitas in East Africa with the fastest high-frequency trading platform in production.

A Joint Venture we established with them is the first of its kind. It is a fabric of regional, low latency trading exchanges with centralized clearing and blockchain integration. The platform was launched starting with Depository Receipts to be followed by a broad offering of structured products, FX, ETFs, Sovereign and Corporate Debt.
The nonconventional singularity of our team is first and foremost its diversity: Now we span 5 continents and speak over 30 languages – an international group of senior executives and entrepreneurs with experience in building new markets through a strategy of shared value complemented by expertise in the use of blockchain, big data, and cybersecurity. The dynamic nature of our Network enables us to move together quickly yet with coordination. backgrounds and fields.

It was a lot of work to file in the US, get FCA authorised and publish prospectuses on Protected Cell Companies. One move we made was to create a D.A.O. It was no more than an LLP with a membership agreement always giving investors the right to vote.

Every legal vehicle now, Jersey ILP, Delaware LLC, French and Luxembourg partnerships allow the right to vote; so, a slight hesitation was Mauritius. Smart code? Well, it is dual French and English law. Fortunately, French law prevails.

Let’s get over the shock that the United States, which has had the same securities law since 1933, pretty much said in late July that if a promoter sells a coin for cash that a prospectus is needed.

We can’t ignore the world’s largest economy and issuer of the global reserve currency because of what the SEC was bound to do. Yes, it’s more expensive to hire a lawyer to file a form S-1 and an auditor to check out some projections but compare that to the value of a freely traded token? Already GIFTz has a SAFT for its“ ICO – or initial crowdfunding offering.

• Delaware has the blockchain initiative
• Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, Wyoming and Vermont are blockchain enablers
• Accredited Investors require a memorandum
• An investment advisor’s permission is needed under the 1940 Act if you are launching a fund > $150 million
• A full-blown ICO requires an S-1
• All the Cayman, Mauritius, EU, UK require a prospectus if over a certain amount
• MAS and Hong Kong have unique rules

We are proud of the quality of our team: a team that builds products and markets, and combines a technology to serve them and liquidity to grease them. Our team opens the door for cooperation with other teams and groups – our partners – that is our way to co-create wealth in five continents.

We are using blockchain to create an impact, to create wealth, through shared values; harnessing technology as a bridge to address pressing human nihilism in ‘failed states’ as we move from the digital age to the cognitive era. We believe that the Fourth Wave has arrived – preserved by the immutable blockchain.

News and details on the project will be released soon…

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