Emmares EMA

Emmares EMA is a new technology that is designed to improve email marketing. Specifically, it will help by improving the way that email content works.

The company connects high quality email content with interested recipients. Encouraging better quality content, lower frequency, and fair content evaluation. They promise that with the antispam, there will be more services that use the API to filter out any spam emails and the people who send them. With the new services, you’ll be able to hit more targeted customers who are relevant to you. It will open the flood gates for opportunity by allowing you to reach more people who want to see your content. When you sign up to the Emmares System, email marketers get a chance to reach more targeted customers who are relevant to their content.

They all invest into a reward pool that is the base for all rewards giving in the form of tokens to the email recipients who evaluate content. They are always rewarded in tokens for receiving the various marketing emails and giving honest evaluations. For each assessment, the person giving the evaluation is given a token from the email sender who had their email evaluated.

Email marketers or publishers – they receive an honest and unique platform to have their content evaluated so they improve. It will cause them to spend more time creating high quality content. You get rewarded via the reviews and leads you get from a targeted audience in exchange for the tokens from the rewards pool. Basically, you get to build a reputation as a good email marketer, gain access to highly targeted leads and improve the engagement of your emails.

Evaluators – will be able to get tokens in exchange for evaluating the emails. They will also be able to subscribe to emails they find interesting and get to exchange tokens with marketers or use them for their own reward pools.
CONCLUSION The system is designed to cut out spam and improve email marketing. If you’re looking for a solid start-up with a real team, then Emmares is ideal for you. And special announcement, David Drake is the new member of team.

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