Digitize Coin


Symbol DTZ
Token sale opening date 31. May 2018
Token sale closing date 30. Jun 2018
Concept Digitize is a blockchain startup which allows consumers to deposit their loose change into cryptocurrency at the point of a retail transaction. Digitize is aiming to help the world transition from a cash based society, to a digital one. Digitize is targeting the public and consumer directly by solving a real world problem. Most cryptocurrencies today are tech heavy and hard to understand for the average consumer – a barrier for the mainstream adoption of the technology. We plan to solve this by developing a service that helps consumers convert loose change to crypto and remove the frustration of carrying and saving loose change entirely. By making this process a simple and seamless experience we can help bring the public into the crypto world one coin at a time. The Digitize ecosystem will prevent the need to carry loose-change and promote the transition from a cash based society to a digital based society. Reductions in the manufacturing of physical currency will be noticeable, as well as reducing the amount of change lost by consumers.


Members Umer Aslam – Founder

Kent Tran – Platform Manager

Radek Ostrowski – Lead Blockchain Developer

Rehan Ahmad – Legal Advisor

Ahmer Sheikh – Client Relationship Manager

Dean Simcock – Marketing Manager

Syed Ali – Business Consultant


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