• by Donovan Obosi
  • February 27, 2018
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The Future of Dental Care on The Blockchain

There is a plethora of applications for blockchain technology in the healthcare industry. Within that industry, DentaCoin is taking on the challenge of developing a sound platform with a variety of tools for dental health. That challenge is as technological as it is social, cultural and economic.

DentaCoin uses blockchain to bridge all these aspects and launch a service that will bring healthcare professionals, patients and suppliers together. Here is an overview of how the DentaCoin system will work.

THE CHALLENGE DENTACOIN IS TACKLING To understand the DentaCoin system, it is necessary to define the challenge or challenges that it is designed for. Within the dental care industry, there are various challenges to tackle. Here is a brief list of these challenges: • Trust – Understanding which dental health professionals are the best.

• Preventive Treatment – Encouraging patients to create habits and be proactive with their dental health to prevent problems.
• Creating a Market – To create a small economy based on the value of dental health.
• Privacy – Securing patient data.
• Affordability – Making dental health more affordable.
• Culture, Mindset and Social Considerations – Designing a system that can be applied globally.

The DentaCoin team took a critical look at each aspect of these and other challenges to come up with a solution. Developers also approached the use of blockchain technology critically, avoiding the trap of creating a token just for the sake of branding their project as a blockchain project. DentaCoin is creating a multi-functional platform in which blockchain technology and the DCN token play a vital, necessary role. DentaCoin’s solution to these challenges relies therefore on blockchain, smart contracts and an ERC20 token that underpins it all, but it also relies on a variety of different systems to complement that core blockchain technology component.

To simplify the creation of such a complex system that involves technological challenges, as well as social, economic and cultural challenges, it is necessary to divide the project into different phases. Blockchain technology and smart contracts will play a prominent role in most phases, while the DCN token will underpin the whole ecosystem. DentaCoin has the following four main phases of implementation:

1. Blockchain-Based Trusted Review Platform: A platform in which patients review dental health professionals on a

2-tier system, with trusted reviews having higher value and rewards than regular reviews. This will allow dental health professionals to develop a client base while at the same time allowing patients to choose based on a system of reviews that cannot be tampered with because it is secured by the blockchain.

2. Aftercare Mobile App and Educational Website: This step allows patients to engage in preventive care with the help of an app, as well as education about healthcare with an interactive game that gives DCN rewards to those who answer correctly. The app allows for children and adults to build healthy habits with a 66-day program that comes with reminders.

3. Dental Insurance Concept: In this phase, DentaCoin aims to create a smart contract between a patient and their dentist. If both parties agree, this smart contract can be sold in the market. This insurance however, is only valid if the patient complies with the dental care policy. In return, the dentist is committed to save heal and replace the teeth of his smart contract patient if the patient complies with their obligations under the policy. These obligations are monitored by the app, and bring the dental care service provider and the patient on the same side through incentives.

4. Healthcare Database: This phase is all about having comprehensive medical records for each patient secured by the blockchain. This removes any middleman involvement between the patient and their records, and it allows for intelligent control of the medical records through the information and the trust-less time stamps in it. Additionally, this phase closes the currency cycle that underpins the whole system. DentaCoin creates value for the dental health industry, the patients and dentistry professionals. Therefore, suppliers will be willing to come in and take payments for their supplies denominated in DentaCoin.

These phases allow for the creation of a system that takes on the many challenges in dental health. It provides for the creation of a model that adds value to every party within the dental health industry. It also addresses cultural, social and economic concerns, while creating a model for preventive care that is crucial to the patients, and great for dentistry professionals. DentaCoin is the dental care model of the future, powered by the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, market incentives, app development, the delivery of education and accurate data to patients, a solid review system and insurance, all underpinned by its native currency, the DCN, which will power the emergence of a small economy around the industry.

In the future, other healthcare models might look up to DentaCoin to shape their own healthcare provision systems. Nevertheless, the success of DentaCoin will take care of one of the areas of healthcare that grabs the least attention from governments, insurers and company benefit programs. This will catapult DentaCoin to the forefront of future healthcare debates. The DentaCoin model will change the way we see dental care at a global level, which makes it one of the most exciting ICOs to join.

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Donovan is the Head ICO analyst at ICO crowd magazine.

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