Symbol DAV
Token sale opening date 11. Jun 2018
Token sale closing date 25. Jun 2018
Concept DAV is a blockchain-based transportation protocol that enables a decentralized, peer to peer, global transportation network. Their underlying infrastructure enables vehicles to discover, communicate, and transact with one another using DAV tokens. Their protocol allows anyone to utilize these transportation services or put their own manned or autonomous vehicle (such as cars, drones, boats, and robotics) on the network, creating a decentralized transportation ecosystem.


Members Noam Copel – CEO & Founder

Tal Ater – CTO & Co-Founder

John Frazer – CCO & Co-Founder

Joe Lopardo – CMO & Co-Founder

Tung Chan – General Counsel

Shahar Frank – R&D Team Leader

Lior Shkoori – Product Manager

Anatoly Tokalov – Senior Developer

Yaron Shapira – Developer

Hai Alaluf – Developer

Timi Ajiboye – Senior Developer

Alex Iliescu – Web Developer

Rachel Linnewiel – Head of External Relations

Andrew Grunstein – Head of Research

Iurii Ieltsov – Head of Design

Hadar Badash – Office Manager

Alick Friedman – Business Solutions Manager

Daniel Goldfine – Video Content Manager

Bradley Berman – Lead Storyteller


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