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Fighting back against the hacker:Introducing Uncloak –

1. What is Uncloak
The world’s first blockchain powered cyber threat detection solution helping businesses regardless of their size and location, fight back against cyber attacks.

How Does It Work?
Uncloak uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to scan both the public and hidden web, plus a vast network of Bug Bounty operatives globally to investigate and recognise both existing and new threats as they develop.

These threats are exposed and validated and added to the Uncloak Cyber Threat Database which then provides users with a constantly updated real time cyber threat inventory

  • Cyber expertise with cutting edge Artificial intelligence, working to identify latest cyber threats
  • Bug bounty: security testers are rewarded for identifying new threats
  • AI technology: scans millions of records on the public internet and the dark web, searching for existing vulnerabilities and potential new vulnerabilities
  • Uncloak’s database: provides a constant real-time cyber threat listing for its clients
  • Businesses can stay ahead of and eliminate cyber threats themselves, rather than relying on expensive 3rd party services

UNC Utility tokens are available during main ico sale on 26 september which gives access to use the Uncloak platform

How Do You Benefit
An Organisation’s IT footprint has become increasingly complex, driving demand for more sophisticated and bespoke solutions. A growing proportion of organisations (often lacking the required expertise in-house) are also deciding to outsource their cyber security entirely, procuring managed security services (MSS).

  • Businesses can use existing IT staff to manage the current IT threat plus new threats as they develop and are added to the Uncloak database, therefore massively reducing outsource expenditure
  • IT Threats become known by Uncloak before they impact a business, making defense an easier and less expensive solution
  • Reputational damage done by a successful hack can impact a business for years and can drive it to bankruptcy over time. Uncloak can stop this.
  • Uncloak will help expose and remediate your current security gaps
  • Uncloak goes on working from the moment you turn it on, unlike IT consultancy whose efficacy starts to decline the moment the paid for consultation is over
  • Companies using Uncloak will not be impacted as severely by the current shortage of IT Security Consultants available
  • Majority of security tools are slow to react to changes in hacking methodology and types of cyber-attacks. Uncloak informs in advance so that changes can be made in time.

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