Cryptorace day 5

Great news! Team crypto crossed the line first which gives them 100 extra points. In a huge boost for team crypto. Max was also able to gain extra video endorsements from the people he rapped to in the train the night before. He arrived in Vegas last night and was able to pre-book a shuttle bus service to his hotel using bitcoin. He slept and rose at 7. He received his instructions saying that he had to locate his conference badge which was somewhere in Vegas. Leaning on his friends in the crypto community he was able to find a Tesla model s driver who was willing to drive him around for crypto. He found his badge by the ”Welcome to Las Vegas” sign after reading and decoding his clue. He made his way back to the conference which was the finish line and was the first to do so.

When all the points were counted crypto retained its crown. Team devices placed second. Max decided to go and have himself a well-earned beer, even if it was before midday. After all, this is Las Vegas.

Later Max met with Ali Paterson, creator of the PaymentsRace and was joined by Ana Maria Gutierrez from Money20/20 for an interview where he talked about his experience. He stated that initially, he found it difficult, because of a lack of forward planning there were significant obstacles that he had not anticipated although towards the end he had managed to master the nuances of crypto-based travel and had leveraged the generous support and help from the crypto community.

It seems hard to believe that crypto-currency could beat team cash. However, this was not a straightforward race, an element of the competition was social and the crypto community has shown itself to be full of those who are willing to help. With some good luck and the support of the community, Max has shown that crypto is not just an online currency and there are more crypto enthusiasts out there than you might think.

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