Symbol QRP
Token sale opening date 28. May 2018
Token sale closing date 25. Jun 2018
Concept Cryptics is a platform that identifies the problem of stability lack in cryptocurrency. And it can be solved by increasing the security and trustworthiness of crypto spaces by the implementing the following methods: making the structures transparent, in order for merchants and partners to see the internal structures of a platform, which combines all of them and relate it to each other and to the science community. Cryptics provides efficient and stable markets profitable for everyone, proving its efficiency on fiat markets. Participants will be able to choose a certain digital asset to concentrate on; merchants will have an opportunity to get more profit, offering their services to the Cryptics team. The uniqueness of the platform is that it is going to fill the gap between knowledge and funds. Their use of tokens is built to finance the improvement of the space and to attract an attention of qualified people to make the trustworthy product. Investors will receive high-efficiency toolkit for short-term and mid-term investing options.

 Articles and research

Cryptics Introduces The World’s First AI-Based Trading Solution – CoinSpeaker


Cryptics Introduces The World’s First AI-Based Trading Solution


Cryptics Introduces the World’s First AI-Based Trading Solution


Cryptics: Introducing the Crypto-Market to AI-Based Trading Solutions | NewsBTC



Members Stanislav Maer – CEO & Project management, IT & Marketing

Oleg Tereshchenko – CEO & Strategic & Process Management

Maxim Maslennikov – CTO & AI Software Architect

Ilya Tkachev – Head of R&D, Quant Trader

Yaroslaw Homenko – Data scientist & Algorithm Development

Alexey Voronetsky – Financial Analyst & Product Development

Dmitry Shcherbakov – Data Scientist & Scientific Research

Andrew Gurar – Fund Infrastructure Manager & Product development

Andrew Konstantin – UX Expert & Product Front-end

Valeri Hirda – Marketing & PPC expert

Yuriy Chaban – AI engineer

Alex Namgaladze – Head of communications

Akbar Murataliev – CMO

Sergei Holmeckis – Advisor

Stas Oskin – Advisor

Sebastian Stupurac – Advisor

Guy Corem – Advisor

Jan Robert Schutte – Advisor

Ofer Rotem – Advisor

Yehoshua Westover – Advisor

Ismail Malik – Advisor

Hyeonjin Kim – Advisor

David Kuhl – Advisor

Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto – Advisor


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