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The Crypro-travel Startup: Blockchain for the Travel Activity Market

Competition between airlines made flights cheaper, competition between hotel chains made accommodation cheaper, car rentals – same story, etc. Yet it is not an answer to the question, how? The answer is in uniting. People united, and travelling became a mass character. That is how.

Furthermore, it can be even cheaper if you use bonuses. Big companies have loyalty systems that can help you save money on your trips, if you keep using the same company. It’s usually not perfect, sometimes complicated but at the end it does help you to save money. In fact it can help you to travel more, say, one more trip a year using saved money.

Let me ask you, what is traveling? You choose a destination, buy your tickets, book a hotel. Is this it? What are you going to do there? Relax, sure, but a trip can give you more than a lounge chair on the seashore. Emotions, experience, all these you get by doing something. Activities make traveling exciting. There is a travel activity market. What I have never heard of before is united loyal systems for a travel activity market. Travel activity markets are highly fragmented and torn between local providers, international tour operators and there is no a place that would connect them under one roof. However we can see that uniting can be a solution to many problems. By uniting markets, we make products even more affordable. Blockchain provides an opportunity to solve this problem. Columbery is a global marketplace in the intersection of fiat and crypto financial systems that unites international tour operators, local providers and tourists.

Another problem is currencies. Currency exchange is a necessity when traveling. Sadly it creates an extra expense. From the very beginning, upon arrival in a new country, we need to look for local currency, and it looks like the currency rates are not on your side. The rate is getting better after leaving the airport area but, we need to spend time finding exchange points in the city. Instead you could have spent more time on enjoying the travel. In addition, you don’t want to bring home all that amount of foreign currency, so, on the way back home; again, you are looking for another exchange point. Using a credit/debit card is a way out, isn’t it? What about your bank currency rate and extra fees for paying abroad? Imagine you are traveling with your family 3–4 times a year. It is a lot of money.
Columbery combines features of both traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. In 2018, Columbery will have its own token – CLMB, which is already designed to provide its users with tons of potential benefits.

Here are some benefits of the Columbery’s token: 1. Using Columbery you will become a part of a global bonus system. For example, once you have bought some experience in Spain, you are to receive CLMBs for that. After that, you will be able to pay using them (or get a discount) in Thailand, or elsewhere, once you use the Columbery service again. 2. You will be able to get some financial benefits by cutting down your expenses, avoiding extra currency exchange fees and fees for double conversion for paying abroad, etc. 3. Even if you choose to use classic fiat currency, you will get a cash-back in CLMBs, for using our service. So, again, you will be able to use it in other places around the world at any time you wish. 4. With tokens, Columbery solves problems with payments in developing countries where you just cannot pay using your card because of payment limitations.

For travelers it’s the first global travel activities marketplace where you receive a crypto cashback to spend on more activities. For an international brand – it provides a cheaper promotion of its products And local businesses – get listed with their activities on the same line as big brands.

By 2020 the whole industry of traveling activities will reach $18.3B turnover annually. Blockchain also provides a unique opportunity to enter emerging markets free of financial risks and thus captures the most authentic experiences.

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