• Are new stablecoins stealing Tethers crown?

    Tether holds the crown as the most prolific and widely traded stablecoin. It is pegged to the value of the US dollar with a one-to-one ratio. However, a range of alternative dollar pegged stablecoins with different implementations and strategies have been issued recently and they often trade at a premium to Tether. As these stablecoins […]
  • The rise and fall of the decentralised prediction market

    From U.S. elections to World Cup soccer games, to whether or not 24-year-old Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin has a girlfriend or when he might find one, prediction markets allow the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to speculate on the outcomes of future events. The Efficient Market Hypothesis states that assets’ prices fully reflect all available information, […]
  • Public Interest in Crypto Currencies Set to Shift

    In 2017, ‘how to buy Bitcoin’ was the third most Googled question globally, and ‘what is Bitcoin’ was among the US and UK’s top ten Googled questions. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies began as the mainstay of crypto geeks and enthusiasts, but 2017 saw the beginning of the niche and often hidden market enter in full swing […]
  • Pre-empting a Hack Attack

    10% of ICO Funds Lost to Hack Attacks From manipulating national elections to the theft of sensitive personal data from major credit reporting agencies, the threat of a hack attack has grown alongside the proliferation of the Internet of Things and the convenience of increasingly interconnected digital assets. In an environment where hackers are scaling, […]
  • Crypto friendly browsers

    Opera is launching a special edition of its web browser with a crypto wallet built in. The integrated wallet was first announced back in August this year but is now open for beta testers using the Opera for Android browser. There is also a special “Labs” version of their desktop browser with the same functionality. […]
  • Blockchain and Big Data

    Two emerging technologies that look like they have a very bright future together are blockchain and big data. Big data refers to the study of data sets that are too large and complex to be analysed by traditional data processing application software. The challenges relating to big data include capturing the data, storing the data, […]
  • Blockchains are forever

    Earlier this year the global diamond giant De Beers announced that they had managed to use blockchain technology to track high value diamonds all the way from the mine to the retailer. According to their 10th of May press release this is the “first time a diamond’s journey has been digitally tracked from mine to […]
  • Introducing MEDIA Protocol

    Introducing MEDIA Protocol Paradigm shifts don’t happen often. It’s a rare occasion indeed when something — an idea, a concept, an invention — positively changes the long-established, socially-accepted, way of thinking or behaving. The printing press. Automation. The Internet. These are a few key examples of pioneering concepts that pushed the limits of what was […]
  • Ledger Reportedly Attracts Tech Giant Investors After Selling Over 1 Mln Wallets in 2017

    Ledger, one of the leading security-focused hardware wallet suppliers, has sold more than one million hardware crypto wallets in 2017, earning a profit of $29 million, the firm said in an interview with Forbes July 9. Having raised $75 million this January in a Series B funding round led by European venture capital firm Draper […]
    • by Helen Partz
    • July 19, 2018
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  • US health care companies begin exploring blockchain technologies

    The sprawling U.S. health care industry has trouble managing patient information: Every doctor, medical office, hospital, pharmacy, therapist and insurance company needs different pieces of data to properly care for patients. These records are scattered all over on each business’s computers – and some no doubt in filing cabinets too. They’re not all kept up […]
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