• Introducing MEDIA Protocol

    Introducing MEDIA Protocol Paradigm shifts don’t happen often. It’s a rare occasion indeed when something — an idea, a concept, an invention — positively changes the long-established, socially-accepted, way of thinking or behaving. The printing press. Automation. The Internet. These are a few key examples of pioneering concepts that pushed the limits of what was […]
  • Ledger Reportedly Attracts Tech Giant Investors After Selling Over 1 Mln Wallets in 2017

    Ledger, one of the leading security-focused hardware wallet suppliers, has sold more than one million hardware crypto wallets in 2017, earning a profit of $29 million, the firm said in an interview with Forbes July 9. Having raised $75 million this January in a Series B funding round led by European venture capital firm Draper […]
    • by Helen Partz
    • July 19, 2018
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  • US health care companies begin exploring blockchain technologies

    The sprawling U.S. health care industry has trouble managing patient information: Every doctor, medical office, hospital, pharmacy, therapist and insurance company needs different pieces of data to properly care for patients. These records are scattered all over on each business’s computers – and some no doubt in filing cabinets too. They’re not all kept up […]
  • Pigzbe

     Overview Symbol WLO Pigzbe Token sale opening date 04, Jul 2018 Token sale closing date 11, Aug 2018 Concept Pigzbe is a part physical, part digital piggy-wallet for children, powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency. Pigzbe uses the blockchain to make money transfers within families borderless, safe, and instant. By unlocking the potential of globalised families […]
  • WatermelonBlock

     Overview Symbol WatermelonBlock Token sale opening date 27, Jul 2018 Token sale closing date 28, Aug 2018 Concept Utilizing the power of blockhain and IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence, WatermelonBlock is a product that is providing investment solutions to market problems via sentiment analysis. By scanning sentiment from social and traditional media, WatermelonBlock arms investors with […]
  • Peer Mountain

     Overview Symbol PMTN Token sale opening date To be announced Token sale closing date (NO EXACT DATES) Concept Decentralized trust for all Peer Mountain is the cross-blockchain protocol that connects self-sovereign ID holders with businesses, enabling commerce at scale. It is the only decentralized identity network that provides businesses with instant cost-effective regulatory compliance, puts […]
  • MBM Mobilum

     Overview Symbol MBM Token sale opening date To be announced Token sale closing date (NO EXACT DATES) Concept The Platform and Payment Token Mobilum is payment processing service that connects fiat currency and cryptocurrency in real-time, decreasing the total cost of each transaction and guaranteeing the most favourable execution. Mobilum created smart contract powered by […]
  • CoinAnalyst

     Overview Symbol CoinAnalyst Token sale opening date PRE-ICO START June 21, 2018ICO START July 7, 2018 Token sale closing date PRE-ICO END July 6, 2018ICO END October 31, 2018 Concept CoinAnalyst makes cryptocurrencies transparent. Purchase and sale decisions can be made on the basis of valid data and intelligent analyses, provided by Artificial Intelligence. What […]
  • Facebook is reversing its ban on some cryptocurrency ads

    Advertisers will need to apply, but ICO ads are still banned. Facebook is reversing its ban on cryptocurrency advertisements and will now allow some preapproved advertisers to promote crypto businesses and services, like exchanges. Facebook banned all crypto ads on the service back in January, around the height of the bitcoin price surge, to prevent people from […]
  • Yumerium

     Overview Symbol Yumerium  (Gaming) Token sale opening date 26, Sep 2018 Token sale closing date 30, Sep 2018 Concept An lncentivized, Blockchain Based, Open Gaming Platform. Links  Website  Blog (not available)  Whitepaper  Facebook  Twitter  Linkedin  Slack chat (not available) Telegram chat  Github (not available)  
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