• Turkish Exchange Develops Blockchain-Based Customer Database

    Turkey’s Borsa Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) has developed a blockchain-powered customer database, Daily Sabah reported September 6. Founded in 2013, BIST is the result of the merger of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, the Istanbul Gold Exchange, and the Turkish Derivatives Exchange (TurkDex). Per the exchange’s annual report for 2017, it has 399 listed companies, a […]
  • How Blockchain Is Being Applied to Human Rights

    Blockchain may not be a panacea to the all the world’s problems but there are many areas where it shows potential. Perhaps one of the most important is human rights. According to a 2014 report by Freedom House, only 40 percent of the world live in “free” countries. These are the nations that supposedly respect […]
  • Coffee and a Bitcoin: Start-up’s plan to turn change into cryptocurrency

    Perth-based entrepreneur Phil George is on a crusade to “democratise finance”. The chief executive and co-founder of cryptocurrency micro-investment app Bamboo wants to improve access to investment opportunities and understanding of the new technologies underpinning huge changes in finance. “Our platform aims to provide access to different investment opportunities like cryptocurrencies,” he said. Simplifying cryptocurrency […]
  • Augur Sold 1 Million Ethereum at $0.7, Why Experts Say It Was the Right Decision

    According to cryptocurrency researcher Dovey Wan, the decentralized prediction marketplace Augur sold around 1 million Ethereum at $0.7 immediately following its fundraising round. If Augur had sold its Ethereum reserve on the upside, in the $1,000 to $1,500 region, the $700,000 it obtained two years ago could have been worth $1 billion to $1.5 billion. […]
  • IBM Launches Blockchain Payments Powered by Stellar

    IBM has officially dipped its toes in the cross-border payments pool, having brought its long-awaited Blockchain World Wire payments system out of beta testing. According to the computing multinational’s website, the Stellar-powered system will be used by financial institutions settling cross-border payments “in near-real-time,” purportedly offering a faster, cheaper replacement for the banking intermediaries of […]
  • FUD about Goldman Ditching Bitcoin Leads to a Sell-off in Crypto Market

    Well everyone is aware that cryptos react to news pretty quick but what many people fail to notice is that they react to FUD (Fear, uncertainty, and doubt) news even quicker. This was clearly seen when some portion of Mainstream Media termed Goldman’s shift in crypto strategy as Goldman Sachs is abandoning crypto which leads […]
  • ‘Exchange Without Accounts’ ShapeShift Switches To Account Model

    In a September 4 ShapeShift post, CEO Erik Voorhees released details about the exchange’s new membership offering, which he described as “an advanced loyalty program.” There are five membership levels, with the first level free and available to all users. The remaining four will be released in the future. Although membership is currently optional, Voorhees […]
  • ConsenSys Academy Teams Up With Coursera To Offer Foundational Blockchain Course

    It’s one thing to work in the blockchain ecosystem as an individual with a technical background. It’s another to stare at the space from the outside, wondering what everybody is up to and whether it’s possible to join the action. ConsenSys, keen to be a leader in blockchain education, has taken another step toward bringing […]
  • Appraising The Luxury Goods Market With Blockchain Technology

    If you were to walk into your closet, attic, or basement, what items would you find? Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton purse, Coach billfold, Rolex watch, or other luxurious item long forgotten, there’s no doubt that these items have retained some value. But, how do you know that the item you’re holding is in fact […]
  • South Korean province partners with Orbs to launch its own cryptocurrency

    The government of a South Korean province has partnered with Israeli blockchain startup Orbs to create its very own cryptocurrency. Officials from the eastern coastal province of Gyeongsangbuk-do explain that the blockchain-based digital currency, which will be dubbed the Gyengbuk Coin, will replace a state loyalty scheme called the “Hometown Love Gift Cards”. Regional acceptance […]
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