• Is ZRX (the 0x protocol) coming to Coinbase in 2018?

    Rumours are swirling in the cryptocurrency world over whetherCoinbase will soon add the growing ZRX project, better known as the 0x protocol, to its expanding database of digital coins. The top trading platform for all things crypto, Coinbase has hinted at significant expansion in 2018 with the inclusion of new and growing currencies. Currently it […]
  • Codex Protocol’s Jess Houlgrave on the Blockchain Art World and Crypto Entrepreneurship

    The Codex Protocol is a decentralized title registry for the art and collectibles industry. As one of the few early functioning art blockchainprojects, the Codex Protocol is an interesting project to follow for entrepreneurs, blockchain aficionados, and the art community at large. DApps on the Codex Protocol will also allow art collectors to easily find […]
  • 200+ Resources for Crypto Investors and ICO Developers

    Crypto is exploding. The popularity of ICOs, either as a funding vehicle for startups or investment vehicle for cryptocurrency traders, has led to what is the extremely diversified ICO market of today. For anyone trying to do their own research into ICOs, whether for academic or financial reasons, they are bound to have the same […]
  • Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange welcomes AmaZix as sponsor firm

    The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has added AmaZix, a provider of community management services for blockchain and crypto projects, to its growing list of sponsor firms. This partnership will involve AmaZix performing due diligence on tokens applying to be listed on the GBX, guiding them through the listing process if successful, all the while ensuring only the […]
  • Orbs, a Startup Offering Blockchain as a Service, Has Raised Around $106 Million, Executive Says

    To that end, Orbs has raised roughly $106 million from unnamed customers and strategic partners, the company’s co-founder, Tal Kol, told Calcalist on Monday. The funding brings Orbs 80% of the way toward a goal of raising $133 million. The startup was founded last year. Orbs’ offices Azrieli Sarona Tower in Tel Aviv. Photo: PR […]
  • ICO News: Tezos gears up for beta launch

    Tezos, the company that once held the record for highest-grossing ICO before Telegram came along with its billion dollar ICO earlier this year, is finally moving toward a beta and formal release of its product, CoinDesk reports. Legal problems rife After a seemingly endless run of legal problems and lawsuits and speculation, the project is […]
  • Coinbase Deactivates WikiLeaks Cryptocurrency Account

    Late Friday, WikiLeaks, the organization known for divulging government secrets, posted via Twitter that San Francisco-based exchange Coinbase had “blocked the official @WikiLeaks shop from its platform without notice or explanation.” The WikiLeaks tweet was accompanied by a clip from what appears to be Coinbase’s official deactivation notification. WikiLeaks Shop ✔@WikiLeaksShop ANNOUNCE: Coinbase has blocked […]
  • DNS Cache Poisoning Attack Affects MyEtherWallet Servers

    Early this morning, servers providing domain name system (DNS) service to MyEtherWallet (MEW), the client-side software interface for interacting with the Ethereum blockchain, fell victim to a hack that utilized DNS cache poisoning (or spoofing) – a means of hijacking Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Couple of DNS servers were hijacked to resolve  users to […]
  • BTC Is Better Than Gold “On Every Front”, Says Hedge Fund Manager

    Speaking at the 23rd annual Sohn Investment Conference, John Pfeffer, hedge fund manager at Pfeffer Capital, said that Bitcoin is the first viable candidate to replace gold, and is better than the precious metal “on every front,” MarketWatch reported yesterday, April 23. Appearing on CNBC’s Fast Money this morning, April 24, Pfeffer confirmed his prediction […]
  • Binance Labs Leads $30 Mln Fundraising Round For New Privacy-Centered Cryptocurrency

    MobileCoin, a new privacy-centered cryptocurrency, announced that Binance Labs will lead a $30 mln round of fundraising for the project, according to a Medium post April 24. The blog post stated that the Blockchain technology incubator associated with the Binancecryptocurrency exchange is leading a $30 mln round of investment denominated in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum […]
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