• Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Predicts Bitcoin Recovery

    Tom Lee, the Wall Street analyst and cryptocurrency bull has dramatically reduced his end of year price prediction from $25,000 down to $15,000. According to Lee the key factor behind his new target is Bitcoin’s “break-even point,” which is the level at which the cost to mine Bitcoin matches its trading price. According to Fundstrat’s […]
  • KPMGs Crypto Report

    KPMG, one of the four big auditors has published a 42 page report on the future of cryptocurrencies. Entitled “Institutionalization of Cryptoassets,” the report is very positive about crypto and explores how the crypto economy can scale and realize its full potential. KPMG chief economist Constance Hunter writes: “Cryptoassets have potential. But for them to […]
  • Prominent Russian Banker Is Pro Crypto

    Herman Gref, the CEO of Sberbank, Russias largest bank and Europes third largest has stated that industrial-scale adoption of blockchain technology will surge within the next year or two. Gref has stated that we have now got over the hype surrounding blockchain that we will start to see many more practical uses of blockchain. He […]
  • Brian Armstrong Becomes Latest Crypto Billionaire.

    In spite of poor market conditions, crypto is still making people very rich. The latest person to make the crypto billionaire list is Brian Armstrong. The 35-year-old graduate of Rice University is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. Recently Coinbase secured $300 million US dollars in funding […]
  • The Fork has happened.

    The Bitcoin Cash hard fork has happened! At this moment neither side is willing to compromise and it is at this stage unclear which implementation will become the dominant software on the BCH network or if the two separate chains will continue to exist in the long term, although this will require some form of […]
  • The death of bitcoin cash?

    Bitcoin has tanked today and is down around 10 percent at the time of writing. This is due to the ongoing dispute between supporters of BTHSV and BTHABC both sides are attempting to gather as much mining power together as possible in an attempt to force the direction of the cryptocurrency in their favour. As […]
  • Why are Bitcoin Transactions Taking So Long Today?

    Bitmain are moving massive amounts of hashing power from BTC to BCH to fend off a 51% attack over the fork; and because other pools are now mining empty blocks (to generate non-BCH crypto to dump) but not mining transactions onto the ledger. You can see the effect of this as now the mempool has […]
  • Hashwars

    The miners who help operate the bitcoin cash cryptocurrency are showing signs that they are split ahead of a technical update shceduled for this Thursday.. Coin Dance, a community-driven Bitcoin statistics service websites data suggests that a majority (an estimated 76.39 percent of the network’s current mining power.) will be running a version of the […]
  • The $125 million Stellar lumen airdrop.

    Crypto wallet provider blockchain is planning to stage one of the largest crypto giveaways in history with a $125 million dollar value airdrop. They have announced that they will distribute nearly half a billion tokens to all Blockchain wallet holders. Crypto wallet provider Blockchain plans to stage what it’s calling the “largest crypto giveaway in […]
  • Augur and the midterm elections.

    Augur is a decentralized prediction market. It is built on the Ethereum platform and had a very promising launch in July. However, it has since stagnated due to the poor user experience and a general decline in decentralized dApps. Augur uses a principle known as the “wisdom of the crowd”. Using this method information collected […]
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